Poems about volcanoes (21 Poems)

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    A City Winter (Frank O Hara Poems)

    1I understand the boredom of the clerksfatigue shifting like dunes within their eyesa frightful nausea gumming up the worksthat once was thought aggression in disguise.Do you remember? then how lightly deadseemed the moon when over factoriesit languid slid like a … Continue reading

    The War (Georg Heym Poems)

    Now he has arisen: he, who slept so long,from the depth arisen, out of arches strong.Huge he stands and unknown in the twilight land,and the moon he crushes in his blackened hand. Broad on city’s evening, broad and angrilyshadow falls, … Continue reading

    The Death Of The Year (Aleardo Aleardi Poems)

    Ere yet upon the unhappy Arctic lands,    In dying autumn, Erebus descends    With the night’s thousand hours, along the verge    Of the horizon, like a fugitive,    Through the long days wanders the weary sun;    And … Continue reading

    The Christ Of The Andes (Edwin Markham Poems)

    After volcanoes husht with snows,Up where the wide-winged condor goes,Great Aconcagua, husht and high,Sends down the ancient peace of the sky. So, poised in clean Andean air,Where bleak with cliffs the grim peaks stare,Christ, reaching out his sacred hands,Sheds his … Continue reading

    A Felicitous Life (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

    His old age fell on years of abundant harvest. There were no earthquakes, droughts or floods. It seemed as if the turning of the seasons gained in constancy, Stars waxed strong and the sun increased its might. Even in remote … Continue reading

    Ode to West Australia (Anonymous Oceania Poems)

    Land of Forests, fleas and flies,Blighted hopes and blighted eyes,Art thou hell in earth’s disguise,Westralia? Art thou some volcanic blastBy volcanoes spurned, outcast?Art unfinished-made the lastWestralia? Wert thou once the chosen landWhere Adam broke God’s one command?That He in wrath … Continue reading

    I have never seen (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    175 I have never seen “Volcanoes”-But, when Travellers tellHow those old-phlegmatic mountainsUsually so still- Bear within-appalling Ordnance,Fire, and smoke, and gun,Taking Villages for breakfast,And appalling Men- If the stillness is VolcanicIn the human faceWhen upon a pain TitanicFeatures keep their … Continue reading

    Grant Me Strength (Esther Popel Poems)

    Give me the strength Of verdant hills Washed clean by summer rain; Of purple hills At peace when weary Day Sinks quietly to rest In Night’s cool arms; Of rugged, wind-whipped hills That lift their heads Above the petty, lowland, … Continue reading

    Autumn Leaves (Dame Mary Gilmore DBE Poems)

    Gathered in page by page,Where once we bound in sheaves,The little songs of ageCome as our autumn leaves. The old volcanoes sleep.But sometimes, ere the end,Out of the quiet deepSome thought will rise and rend. (Dame Mary Gilmore DBE)

    Howl (Allen Ginsberg Poem)

    For Carl Solomon I I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to … Continue reading

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