Poems about undue (20 Poems)

Be not Anxious (Hattie Howard Poems)

Of all the precepts in the Book    By word of inspiration given,   That bear the import, tone, and look    Of messages direct from ...

Woes Of Georgia (David Guramishvili Poems)

The Turks, Ossetians, Lekis, Persians,Cherkez, Ghlighvis, Didos and KistsWere ever Georgia's enemies,Assaulting her with blood-smeared fists.But soon at home domestic ...

Undue Significance (Emily Dickinson Poems)

439Undue Significance a starving man attachesTo Food-Far off-He sighs-and therefore-Hopeless-And therefore-Good-Partaken-it relieves-indeed-But proves usThat Spices flyIn the Receipt-It was the ...

Magdalen (Amy Levy Poems)

All things I can endure, save one. The bare, blank room where is no sun; The parcelled hours; the pallet ...

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