Poems about roes (11 Poems)

    The Song of Songs (King Solomon Poems)

    The Bride and the Daughters of Jerusalem The Song of songs, which is Solomon’s.Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth:    for thy love is better than wine.Because of the savor of thy good ointments    thy name is as ointment … Continue reading

    Lathmon (James Macpherson Poems)

    ARGUMENT. Lathmon, a British prince, taking advantage of Fingal’s absence on an expedition to Ireland, made a descent on Morven, and advanced within sight of Selma, the royal residence. Fingal arrived in the mean time, and Lathmon retreated to a … Continue reading

    Berrathah (James Macpherson Poems)

    ARGUMENT. Fingal, in his voyage to Lochlin, whither he had been invited by Starno, the father of Agandecca, touched at Berrathon an island of Scandinavia, where he was kindly entertained by Larthmor, the petty king of the place, who was … Continue reading

    Fingal – Book Vi (James Macpherson Poems)

    ARGUMENT. Night comes on. Fingal gives a feast to his army, at which Swaran is present. The king commands Ullin his bard to give ‘the song of peace;’ a custom always observed at the end of a war. Ullin relates … Continue reading

    Cathlin Of Clutha (James Macpherson Poems)

    An address to Malvina, the daughter of Toscar. The poet relates the arrival of Cathlin in Selma, to solicit aid against Duth-carmor of Cluba, who had killed Cathmol for the sake of his daughter Lanul. Fingal declining to make a … Continue reading

    The Muses Threnodie: Eighth Muse (Henry Adamson Poems)

    What blooming banks, sweet Earn, or fairest Tay,Or Almond doth embrace! These many a dayWe haunted, where our pleasant pastoralsWe sweetly sung, and merry madrigals.Sometime bold Mars, and sometimes Venus fair,And sometimes Phobus’ love, we did declare;Sometimes on pleasant plains, … Continue reading

    Stromliederen (Margot Vos Poems)

    I Zie, de luchten waaien tot een duister ruimEn de wind wordt vrijheer van den vloedEn de bladers dansen op z’n dolle luimDe muziek der regens tegemoet. Uit de zomerstilte barst het herfstjolijt:Elke boom een feestzaal vol gedruisch,Elke beek een … Continue reading

    The Highlanders: Part IV (Anne MacVicar Grant Poems)

    NOW Winter pours his terrors o’er the plain,And icy barriers close the wild domain,From the fierce North the sweeping blast descends,And drifted snow in wild confusion blends;The Mountain-Cataract, whose thundering soundMade echoes tremble in their caves around,Now dashing with diminish’d … Continue reading

    The Highlanders: Part I (Anne MacVicar Grant Poems)

    OR SKETCHES OF HIGHLAND SCENERY AND MANNERS: WITH SOME REFLECTIONS ON EMIGRATION. WRITTEN DURING THE AUTHOR’S RECOVERY FROM A LONG ILLNESS, IN SPRING 1795. FAR to the North the howling tempest drove,Light od’rous buds perfum’d the birchen grove,The primrose, iris, … Continue reading

    The Aged Bard’s Wish (Anne MacVicar Grant Poems)

    POPE’S ODYSSEY. OH ! lay me by yon peaceful streamThat glides away so softly slow,Where boughs exclude the noon-day beam,And early violets round me blowAnd thou, O sun! with friendly eyeRegard my languid limbs of age;While on the new spring … Continue reading

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