Poems about reflexion (12 Poems)

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    The Heroic Enthusiasts: Part 2: Fourth Dialogue (Giordano Bruno Poems)

    _Interlocutors_: SEVERINO. MINUTOLO. SEV. You will see the origin of the nine blind men, who state ninereasons and special causes of their blindness, and yet they all agree inone general reason and one common enthusiasm. MIN. Begin with the first! … Continue reading

    Advice To Prepare Ourselves, Before We Come To Worship God In Public (Rees Prichard Poems)

    PULL off thy shoes, and make thy garments white,And sanctify thyself, ere thou dost dareApproach the throne of the dread Sire of lightIn his own house, to offer up thy pray’r. Goad up thy soul, to active life arise,Above terrestrial … Continue reading

    Old Ham Fresh Drest (Michael Massey Robinson Poems)

    OLD HAM FRESH DREST , &c. BOOTED and spurr’d, our gallant wightReturning late one winter’s nightFrom toil, hard ware and duty,Took Pancras church-yard in his way;For near that spot, the gossips say,He kept a pamper’d beauty. Darkness and silence reign’d … Continue reading

    Mira’s Will (Mary Leapor Poems)

        IMPRIMIS — My departed Shade I trust    To Heav’n — My Body to the silent Dust;   My Name to publick Censure I submit,   To be dispos’d of as the World thinks fit;   My Vice and Folly let Oblivion close,   The World already is o’erstock’d with those;   My Wit I give, as Misers give their Store,   To those who think they had enough before.   Bestow my Patience to compose the Lives  Of slighted Virgins and neglected Wives;  To modish Lovers I resign my Truth,  My cool Reflexion to unthinking Youth;  And some Good-nature give (’tis my Desire)  To surly Husbands, as their Needs require;  And first discharge my Funeral — and then  To the small Poets I bequeath my Pen.    Let a small Sprig (true Emblem of my Rhyme)  Of blasted Laurel on my Hearse recline;  Let some grave Wight, that struggles for Renown,  By chanting Dirges through a Market-Town,  With gentle Step precede the solemn Train;  A broken Flute upon his Arm shall lean.  Six comick Poets may the Corse surround,  And All Free-holders, if they can be found:  Then follow next the melancholy Throng,  As shrewd Instructors, who themselves are wrong.  The Virtuoso, rich in Sun-dry’d Weeds,  The Politician, whom no Mortal heeds,  The silent Lawyer, chamber’d all the Day,  And the stern Soldier that receives no Pay.  But stay — the Mourners shou’d be first our Care,  Let the freed Prentice lead the Miser’s Heir;  Let the young Relict wipe her mournful Eye,  And widow’d Husbands o’er their Garlick cry.   All this let my Executors fulfil,  And rest assur’d that this is Mira’s Will,  Who was, when she these Legacies design’d,  In Body healthy, and compos’d in Mind. (Mary Leapor)

    Under The Olives (Bessie Rayner Parkes Poems)

    SEATED in a Moorish garden On the Sahel of Algiers, Wandering breezes brought the burden Of its history in past years. Lost amidst the mist of ages, Its first chronicles arise; Yonder is the chain of Atlas, And the pagan … Continue reading

    The History Of Joseph: A Poem In Ten Books. Book VI. (Elizabeth Singer Rowe Poems)

    Still with impatient love Sabrina pines,And now to speak the fatal truth designs;Sooth’d by her own indulgent hopes, which traceA secret passion in the Hebrew’s face.He sighs, and when he thinks himself alone,Oft seems some new misfortune to bemoan,In foreign … Continue reading

    The Poor Negro Sadi (Charlotte Dacre Poems)

    “AH! poor negro Sadi, what sorrows, what anguish Oppress the lone victim fate dooms for a slave! What eye or what heart o’er those sorrows shall languish? What finger point out the lone African’s grave? First torn like a wretch … Continue reading

    To The Shade Of Mary Robinson (Charlotte Dacre Poems)

    “HOW sadly, sweet seraph, I mourn that I never, I ne’er was so happy thee living to know! How sadly I mourn that the time is gone ever! And the wish of my bosom must end in vain woe. How … Continue reading

    The Mountain Violet (Charlotte Dacre Poems)

    “Sweet fragile flow’r, that bloom’st unsought, And bloom’st unseen by many an eye, Thy charms awake my pensive thought; And wake reflexion’s bitter sigh. Thy lowly head with patience bent, Unshelter’d, to the northern blast, As fiercely by the whirlwinds … Continue reading

    The Seasons: Winter (James Thomson Poems)

    See! Winter comes, to rule the varied Year, Sullen, and sad; with all his rising Train, Vapours, and Clouds, and Storms: Be these my Theme, These, that exalt the Soul to solemn Thought, And heavenly musing. Welcome kindred Glooms! Wish’d, … Continue reading

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