Poems about red-gold (21 Poems)

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    The Shakedown on the Floor (Henry Lawson Poems)

    Set me back for twenty summers-  For I’m tired of cities now-Set my feet in red-soil furrows  And my hands upon the plough,With the two ‘Black Brothers’ trudging  On the home stretch through the loam-While, along the grassy siding,  Come the cattle grazing home.And … Continue reading

    Break o’ Day (Henry Lawson Poems)

    You love me, you say, and I think you do,  But I know so many who don’t,And how can I say I’ll be true to you  When I know very well that I won’t?I have journeyed long and my goal is far,  I … Continue reading

    Art (Madison Julius Cawein Poems)

    [_A Phantasy._]   I know not how I found you   With your wild hair a-blow,  Nor why the world around you   Would never let me know:  Perhaps ‘t was Heaven relented,  Perhaps ‘t was Hell resented  My dream, and grimly vented   Its hate upon me so.   In Shadowland … Continue reading

    A Harvest Song (Isabella Valancy Crawford Poems)

    THE noon was as a crystal bowl The red wine mantled through;Around it like a Viking’s beard The red-gold hazes blew,As tho’ he quaffed the ruddy draught While swift his galley flew. This mighty Viking was the Night; He sailed about the earth,And called … Continue reading

    The Dole Of The King’s Daughter (Breton) (Oscar Wilde Poems)

    Seven stars in the still water,And seven in the sky;Seven sins on the King’s daughter,Deep in her soul to lie. Red roses are at her feet,(Roses are red in her red-gold hair)And O where her bosom and girdle meetRed roses … Continue reading

    Circe (Ivan Bunin Poems)

    On a tripod the goddess sits, gazingAt herself in a mirror propped close:Red-gold tresses, a perfect Greek nose,Sea-green eyes like twin emeralds blazing. Pink her cheeks are and powdered her face.Like two drops of celestial nectar,In the bronze disc their … Continue reading

    From Behind The Lattice (Laurence Hope Poems)

    I see your red-gold hair and know   How white the hidden skin must be,Though sun-kissed face and fingers showThe fervour of the noon-day glow,   The keenness of the sea. My longing fancies ebb and flow,   Still circling constant unto this;My great desire (ah, … Continue reading

    Magic (Hamlin Garland Poems)

    Within my hand I holdA piece of lichen-spotted stone-Each fleck red-gold-And with closed eyes I hear the moanOf solemn winds round naked cragsOf Colorado’s mountains. The snowLies deep about me. Gray and oldHags of cedars, gaunt and bare,With streaming, tangled … Continue reading

    First Communions (Arthur Rimbaud Poems)

    Truly, they’re stupid, these village churchesWhere fifteen ugly chicks soiling the pillarsListen, trilling out their divine responses,To a black freak whose boots stink of cellars: But the sun wakes now, through the branches,The irregular stained-glass’s ancient colours. The stone always … Continue reading

    Fish (D H Lawrence Poems)

    FISH, oh Fish,So little matters! Whether the waters rise and cover the earthOr whether the waters wilt in the hollow places,All one to you. Aqueous, subaqueous,SubmergedAnd wave-thrilled. As the waters rollRoll you.The waters wash,You wash in onenessAnd never emerge. Never … Continue reading

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