Poems about persisted (20 Poems)

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    Mrs. McNair (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    Mrs. McNair  Was tall and fair; Mrs. McNair was slim;She had flashing black eyes and raven hair;But a very remarkably modest air;And her only care was for Mr. McNair; She was exceedingly fond of him.   He sold “notions” and lace  With wonderful grace,And kept … Continue reading

    August (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    Oh, such a funny August house–  It really was like a zoo,  For animals roamed in all the rooms  (Even a kangaroo);  Such sociable, smiling, friendly beasts!  As soon as the travelers came,  They hurried out with extended paws,  Announcing, each, his name. “Why, how in the … Continue reading

    Winter Stars (Larry Levis Poems)

    My father once broke a man’s handOver the exhaust pipe of a John Deere tractor. The man,Ruben Vasquez, wanted to kill his own fatherWith a sharpened fruit knife, & he heldThe curved tip of it, lightly, between his firstTwo fingers, so … Continue reading

    Late March (Edward Hirsch Poems)

    Saturday morning in late March.I was alone and took a long walk,though I also carried a bookof the Alone, which companioned me. The day was clear, unnaturally clear,like a freshly wiped pane of glass,a window over the water,and blue, preternaturally … Continue reading

    Sidewalk Story (Alison Luterman Poems)

    The afternoon had a flu-like quality, gray and threatening to burst into tears at any moment, but I held it together like a grown-up, taught my classes, smiled at the children. I was in love with one little boy who … Continue reading

    A Grandson in Hoticeberg (Margaret Danner Poems)

    A grandson isnotthe wing-sprouting cherubthat I, as doting grandmotherhave persisted in seeing and showing. A grandson is a        hot         ice           berg.that cannot retain or disdain,with all the half submerged knowing grinnings,lusty leering and.or jeeringsthat the name implies. And as an added distraction or attraction(according … Continue reading

    A Threat (John Bannister Tabb Poems)

    “No; Wide-a-Wake,” persisted Sleep,“I’ll not come near you till you keepAs quiet as a mouse;And if you stretch your eyelids so,To see if I am here or no,I’ll have to quit the house.” (John Bannister Tabb)

    William And Mira (Christian Milne Poems)

    A TALE. ON her lov’d infant, as it sleeping lies,Ah! little does the tender mother know,While fondly gazing with delighted eyes,What thorns thro’ life its footsteps may bestrew!She fondly paints for it a flow’ry road,Tho’ she herself finds nought but … Continue reading

    City Without A Name (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

    1 Who will honor the city without a name If so many are dead and others pan gold Or sell arms in faraway countries? What shepherd’s horn swathed in the bark of birch Will sound in the Ponary Hills the … Continue reading

    Information (David Ignatow Poems)

    This tree has two million and seventy-five thousand leaves. Perhaps I missed a leaf or two but I do feel triumphant at having persisted in counting by hand branch by branch and marked down on paper with pencil each total. … Continue reading

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