Poems about patching (21 Poems)

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    The Double Transformati (Oliver Goldsmith Poems)

    Secluded from domestic strife,Jack Book-worm led a college life;A fellowship at twenty-fiveMade him the happiest man alive;He drank his glass and crack’d his joke,             And freshmen wonder’d as he spoke. Such pleasures, unalloy’d with care,Could any accident impair?Could Cupid’s shaft … Continue reading

    Riding Round the Lines (Henry Lawson Poems)

    Dust and smoke against the sunrise out where grim disaster lurksAnd a broken sky-line looming like unfinished railway works,And a trot, trot, trot and canter down inside the belt of mines:It is General Greybeard Shrapnel who is riding round his … Continue reading

    For My People (Margaret Walker Poems)

    For my people everywhere singing their slave songs repeatedly: their dirges and their ditties and their bluesand jubilees, praying their prayers nightly to anunknown god, bending their knees humbly to anunseen power;For my people lending their strength to the years, … Continue reading

    The Pioneer (James Russell Lowell Poems)

    What man would live coffined with brick and stone,  Imprisoned from the healing touch of air,  And cramped with selfish landmarks everywhere,When all before him stretches, furrowless and lone, The unmapped prairie none can fence or own?  What man would read and read … Continue reading

    Fox’s Dingle (Robert Graves Poems)

      Take now a country mood,    Resolve, distil it: –  Nine Acre swaying alive,    June flowers that fill it,   Spicy sweet-briar bush,    The uneasy wren  Fluttering from ash to birch    And back again.   Milkwort on its low stem,    Spread hawthorn tree,  Sunlight patching the wood,    A hive-bound bee….   Girls riding … Continue reading

    Reported Missing (John Bayliss Poems)

    With broken wing they limped across the skycaught in late sunlight, with their gunner dead,one engine gone,- the type was out-of-date, –blood on the fuselage turning brown from red: knew it was finished, looking at the seawhich shone back patterns … Continue reading

    The New Locksley Hall (Francis W L Adams Poems)

    Forty Years After COMRADE, yet a little further I would go before the nightCloses round and chills in darkness all the glorious sunset light –Yet a little, by the cliff there, till the stately home I seeOf the man who … Continue reading

    Rursery Rhymes (Abner Cosens Poems)

    Ten Little Slackers     Ten little slackers standing in a line,    One went to U. S., then there were nine.    Nine little slackers out for a skate,    One broke his leg and then there were eight.  … Continue reading

    A Ship In A Bottle (Cicely Fox Smith Poems)

    In a sailormen’s restaurant Rotherhithe way,Where the din of the docksides is loud all the day,And the breezes come bringing off basin and pondAnd all the piled acres of lumber beyond,From the Oregon ranges the tang of the pineAnd the … Continue reading

    The Innkeeper’s Wife (Clive Sansom Poems)

    I love this byre. Shadows are kindly here.The light is flecked with travelling stars of dust,So quiet it seems after the inn-clamour,Scraping of fiddles and the stamping feet.Only the cows, each in her patient box,Turn their slow eyes, as we … Continue reading

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