Poems about orchid (21 Poems)

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    Transformati (Ella Wheeler Wilcox Poems)

    She waited in a rose-hued room;A wanton-hearted creature she,But beautiful and bright to seeAs some great orchid just in bloom. Upon wide cushions stretched at easeShe lolled in garments filmy fine,Which but enhanced each rounded line;A living picture, framed to … Continue reading

    MAUBERLEY (Ezra Pound Poems)

    ITurned from the ‘eau-fortePar Jaquemart’To the strait headOf Messalina: ‘His true PenelopeWas Flaubert,’And his toolThe engraver’s. Firmness,Not the full smile,His art, but an artIn profile; ColourlessPier Francesca,Pisanello lacking the skillTo forge Achaia. IIFor three years, diabolus in the scale,He drank … Continue reading

    The Land of Exile (Chu Yuan Poems)

    Methinks there’s a geniusRoams in the mountains,Girdled with ivyAnd robed in wisteria,Lips ever smiling,Of noble demeanour,Driving the yellow pard,Tiger-attended,Couched in a chariotWith banners of cassia,Cloaked with the orchid,And crowned with azaleas;Culling the perfumeOf sweet flowers, he leavesIn the heart a … Continue reading

    Ne Te Suicide Pas, Seigneur… (Alain Bosquet Poems)

    Ne te suicide pas, Seigneur, voici qu’appara?t une orchid?e parmi les ruines,Ne te suicide pas, Seigneur, voici que rena?t le ruisseau dans le crat?re d’une tombe,Ne te suicide pas, Seigneur, le ciel a mis du givre sur sa balafre, l’oc?an … Continue reading

    May In Umbria (Lyrics Of The Dawn) (Clinton Scollard Poems)

    Say, O wander-lover, say,What is May in Umbria? Days that never dim nor darkle;Nights that spangle, nights that sparkle;Dawns that flame with burnished splendor;Eves that melt in raptures tender;Noons that glow with sapphire burning;Singing waters seaward yearning;Shouting weir and lilting … Continue reading

    A Vow (Edgar Albert Guest Poems)

    I might not ever scale the mountain heightsWhere all the great men stand in glory now; I may not ever gain the world’s delightsOr win a wreath of laurel for my brow; I may not gain the victories that menAre … Continue reading

    The Magnolia (Ernest Francisco Fenollosa Poems)

    O FLOWERS of the garden, of skilled and human care,Sweet heliotrope, and violet, and orchid frail and fair,Pour out your love to happier hearts; the woodland flowers for me,The pallid, creamy blossoms of the dark magnolia tree! I close my … Continue reading

    The Orchid of Beauty (Clark Ashton Smith Poems)

    Beauty, thou orchid of immortal bloom,Sprung from the fire and dust of perished spheres,How art thou tall in these autumnal yearsWith the red rain of immemorial doom,And fragrant where the lesser suns illume,For sustenance of Life’s forgotten tears.Ever thy splendor … Continue reading

    Aporia (Carlos Drummond de Andrade Poems)

    An insect digsdigs without alarmperforating the earthwithout finding escape.What to do, exhausted,in a blocked country,union of the nightroot and mineral?And the labyrinth (oh reason and mystery)suddenly untie itself:in green, lonely,antieuclidean,an orchid is born. (Carlos Drummond de Andrade)

    The Self-Seeker (Robert Frost Poem)

    “Willis, I didn’t want you here to-day: The lawyer’s coming for the company. I’m going to sell my soul, or, rather, feet. Five hundred dollars for the pair, you know.” “With you the feet have nearly been the soul; And … Continue reading

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