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    One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part III (Madison Julius Cawein Poems)

    LATE SUMMER    _Heat lightning flickers in one cloud,    As in a flow’r a firefly;   Some rain-drops, that the rose-bush bowed,    Jar through the leaves and dimly lie;   Among the trees, now low, now loud,    The whispering breezes sigh.   The place is lone; the night is hushed;   Upon … Continue reading

    Mogg Megone – Part I. (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    Who stands on that cliff, like a figure of stone,Unmoving and tall in the light of the sky,Where the spray of the cataract sparkles on high,Lonely and sternly, save Mogg Megone?Close to the verge of the rock is he,While beneath … Continue reading

    America Remembers (Paul Engle Poems)

    HERE by this midland lake, the sand-shored waterThat pulses with no sea-tide heart, where the grainOf a nation pauses on its golden wayTo the world’s belly, and the long trains plunge-From the honey-hearted South (O go down, Moses),From the land … Continue reading

    The Ballad Of Nat Turner (Robert Hayden Poems)

    Then fled, O brethren, the wicked juba   and wandered wandered farfrom curfew joys in the Dismal’s night.   Fool of St. Elmo’s fire In scary night I wandered, praying,   Lord God my harshener,speak to me now or let me die;   speak, Lord, to this mourner. … Continue reading

    Tobogganing (Hattie Howard Poems)

    Oh, the rare exhilaration,  Oh, the novel delectation   Of a ride down the slide!  Packed like ice in zero weather,  Pleasure-seekers close together,   On a board as thin as wafer,   Barely wider, scarcely safer,  At the height of recreation  Find a glorious inspiration,  Ere the speedy termination   In the snowy … Continue reading

    Going To Tobog. (Hattie Howard Poems)

    Into my disappointment-cup   The snowflakes fell and blocked the road,  And so I thought I’d finish up   The latest style of Christmas ode;  When she, the charming little lass   With eyes as bright as isinglass,  Before a line my pen had wrought   In strange attire came bounding … Continue reading

    A Florida Night (Paul Laurence Dunbar Poems)

    Win’ a-blowin’ gentle so de san’ lay low,  San’ a little heavy f’om de rain, All de pa’ms a-wavin’ an’ a-weavin’ slow,  Sighin’ lak a sinnah-soul in pain. Alligator grinnin’ by de ol’ lagoon, Mockin’-bird a-singin’ to be big full moon. ‘Skeeter go a-skimmin’ to his … Continue reading

    In August (Katharine Lee Bates Poems)

    BESIDE the country road with truant graceWild carrot lifts its circles of white lace.From vines whose interwoven branches drapeThe old stone walls, come pungent scents of grape.The sumach torches burn; the hardhack glows;From off the pines a healing fragrance blows;The … Continue reading

    Down The Bayou (Mary Ashley Townsend Poems)

    The cypress swamp around me wraps its spell,With hushing sounds in moss-hung branches there,Like congregations rustling down to prayer,While Solitude, like some unsounded bell,Hangs full of secrets that it cannot tell,And leafy litanies on the humid airIntone themselves, and on … Continue reading

    A Treatise On Poetry: IV Natura (Czeslaw Milosz Poems)

    Pennsylvania, 1948-1949 The garden of Nature opens. The grass at the threshold is green. And an almond tree begins to bloom. Sunt mihi Dei Acherontis propitii! Valeat numen triplex Jehovae! Ignis, aeris, aquae, terrae spiritus, Salvete!-says the entering guest. Ariel … Continue reading

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