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    Of The Nature Of Things: Book V – Part 07 – Beginnings Of Civilization (Lucretius Poems)

    Afterwards,When huts they had procured and pelts and fire,And when the woman, joined unto the man,Withdrew with him into one dwelling place, Were known; and when they saw an offspring bornFrom out themselves, then first the human raceBegan to soften. … Continue reading

    Guy Of The Temple (John Hay Poems)

    Down the dim West slow fails the stricken sun,And from his hot face fades the crimson flushVeiled in death’s herald-shadows sick and gray.Silent and dark the sombre valley liesForgotten; happy in the late fond beamsGlimmer the constant waves of Galilee.Afar, … Continue reading

    The Battle Of Cressy (Peter John Allan Poems)

    Drawn up in three divisions, soon as the English  foundThat the Frenchmen were advancing, they started  from the ground,Alarm’d, and burning in their hearts to teach that  mighty hostHow useless, where brace men are met, is every empty  boast;Although four times as numerous is … Continue reading

    The Crumbling Mound (R S Ward Poems)

    Speak, crumbling mound, and tell to all the wood,How that beneath these weeds whereon I stray,A dark-roofed feasting hall of old has stood,A hall with heralds, knights and courtiers gay ;Ah! Once was heard amid this quiet glen,The clank of … Continue reading

    An Easter Ode. (Henry Alford Poems)

    The calm of blessed Night Is on Judaea’s hills; The full–orbed moon with cloudless light Is sparkling on their rills: One spot above the rest Is still and tranquil seen, The chamber as of something blest, Amidst its bowers of green.  Around that spot each way The figures … Continue reading

    The Watchers (Katharine Tynan Poems)

    THE cottages all lie asleep;The sheep and lambs are folded inWinged sentinels the vale will keepUntil the hours of life begin. The children with their prayers all saidSleep until cockcrow shall awakeThe gardens in their gold and redAnd robins in … Continue reading

    Meetings (Katharine Tynan Poems)

    As up and down I fare by road and streetThe mothers of our men-at-arms I meet  Who die for mine and me,  That we go safe and free,Sit in the sun, sleep soft and find life sweet. I have two sons too … Continue reading

    Parting Hymn (Oliver Wendell Holmes Poems)

    “DUNDEE” FATHER of Mercies, Heavenly Friend,We seek thy gracious throne;To Thee our faltering prayers ascend,Our fainting hearts are known. From blasts that chill, from suns that smite,From every plague that harms;In camp and march, in siege and fight,Protect our men-at-arms. … Continue reading

    The Tower (Harriet Monroe Poems)

    He built a tower for all to see,With sun-washed gardens planted wide.And there with pomp of pageantry,With men-at-arms and minstrelsyAnd moonbeam ladies fair and free,He revelled in his pride.And there, with soft prayers muttered slow,And wind-blown candles burning low,And hooded … Continue reading

    Chessmen (Kenneth Slessor Poems)

    CHAFING on flags of ebony and pearl,My paladins are waiting. Loops of smokeStoop slowly from the coffee-cups, and curlIn thin fantastic patterns down the roomBy cabinets of chinaware, to whirlWith milky-blue tobacco-steam, and fumeTogether past our pipes, outside the door.Soon … Continue reading

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