Poems about idlers (21 Poems)

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    Retrospect; (Charles Tompson Poems)

    Or,A Review of my Scholastic Days “O, Festus Dies Hominis!”-O, the Joyful Day of Man!Why, (when the hours of school-day bliss are o’er,And puerile pleasures charm the mind no more,When childhood shrinks before youth’s riper day,Like morning dews by sunbeams … Continue reading

    Tale X (George Crabbe Poems)

    THE LOVER’S JOURNEY. It is the Soul that sees:  the outward eyesPresent the object, but the Mind descries;And thence delight, disgust, or cool indiff’rence rise:When minds are joyful, then we look around,And what is seen is all on fairy ground;Again … Continue reading

    Vesalius In Zante (Edith Wharton Poems)

    Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.I loved light ever, light in eye and brain-No tapers mirrored in long palace floors,Nor dedicated depths of silent aisles,But just the common dusty wind-blown dayThat roofs earth’s millions. O, too long … Continue reading

    When California Was A Foreign Land (Albert Pike Poems)

    READ BEFORE THE NATIONAL CONVENTION OF MEXICAN WAR VETERANS, JANUARY 16, 1874. “WHEN CALIFORNIA WAS A FOREIGN LAND!” How many shadowy, ghost-like figures stand Between that Then and Now!-forms of dead Years, Old, meager, pale; and four all blood and … Continue reading

    To G. C. Smith (Charlotte Eliza Dixon Poems)

    GO on, thou great Apostle of the Waters,Fill up the measure of thy useful days;Stem the rough billows that oppose thy course,Rude hurricanes to wreck thy stately bark,Riding sublime o’er many a swelling surge;Spread the broad sail of Faith to … Continue reading

    Cui Bono (Adam Lindsay Gordon Poems)

    Oh! wind that whistles o’er thorns and thistles, Of this fruitful earth like a goblin elf;Why should he labour to help his neighbour Who feels too reckless to help himself?The wail of the breeze in the bending trees Is something … Continue reading

    The Hosts (Alan Seeger Poems)

    Purged, with the life they left, of allThat makes life paltry and mean and small,In their new dedication chargedWith something heightened, enriched, enlarged,That lends a light to their lusty browsAnd a song to the rhythm of their trampling feet,These are … Continue reading

    The Ruined Home (Annie Adams Fields Poems)

    AT nightfall, coming from the wood,    I crossed the hilltop’s gloomy brow,Where one unsheltered farmhouse stood,    Neglected, dark, and low. No lamp announced a breathing soul;    The chimney’s blue, reluctant threadAlone betrayed a living coal    Of … Continue reading

    Butte (Aaron Southwick Poems)

    How oft my mind reverts to thee,     Thou city of the tunneled hills;Thy lofty towers I still can see,Thy smoke descending silently     Till all thy dingy streets it fills. Thy engines puff, and roll, and slide … Continue reading

    Ego (Abner Cosens Poems)

    The ego of the human race,      The sordid love of self,    We see it in life’s hurried chase,      The grafter’s greed for pelf.    The horror of the battle field,      The killed, the … Continue reading

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