Poems about fours (21 Poems)

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    Before Battle (Martin Armstrong Poems)

    Here on the blind verge of infinityWe live ard move like moles. Our crumbling trenchGapes like a long wound in the sodden clay.The land is dead. No voice, no living thing,No happy green of leaf tells that the springWakes in … Continue reading

    Dumb-Bells (John Crowe Ransom Poems)

    DUMB-BELLS left, dumb-bells right,            Swing them hard, grip them tight!            Thirty fat men of the town            Must sweat their filthy paunches down.            Dripping sweat and pumping blood            They try to make themselves like God.             One and two, three and four,            Cleave the air and smite the … Continue reading

    Molly Means (Margaret Walker Poems)

    Molly MeansOld Molly Means was a hag and a witch;Chile of the devil, the dark, and sitch.Her heavy hair hung thick in ropesAnd her blazing eyes was black as picch.Imp at three and wench at ‘lebenShe counted her husbands to … Continue reading

    Sleep-Steale (Rabindranath Tagore Poems)

    Who stole sleep from baby’s eyes? I must know.  Clasping her pitcher to her waist mother went to fetch waterfrom the village near by.  It was noon. The children’s playtime was over; the ducks inthe pond were silent.  The shepherd boy lay asleep … Continue reading

    A Lecture On The Circle (Nichita Stanescu Poems)

    You draw a circle in the sand               and then halve the circle             with the same hazelnut stick.         Next you fall to your knees,      then to all fours.               Then you hit the sand with your forehead  and apologize to the circle.              … Continue reading

    Winter Song (Nichita Stanescu Poems)

    You are so beautiful in winter!The field stretched on its back, near the horizon,and the trees stopped running from the winter wind…My nostrils trembleand no scentand no breezeonly the distant, icy smellof the suns.How transparent your hands are in winter!And … Continue reading

    The Alpine Club Man (E W Bowling Poems)

    We who know not the charms of a glass below Zero,  Come list to the lay of an Alpine Club hero;  For no mortal below, contradict it who can,  Lives a life half so blest as the Alpine Club man. … Continue reading

    The Strawberry Roan (Curley Fletcher Poems)

    I was laying round town just spending my timeOut of a job and not makin’ a dimeWhen up steps a feller and he says, “I supposeThat you’re a bronc rider by the looks of your clothes?” He guesses me right. … Continue reading

    Chicken Koop an’ Possum Chase (Elliott Blaine Henderson Poems)

    Possum time? Dahky take up de trail. Rahbit skirtin’ thoo de thicket, In de barn yawd sots de quail. Cum long de moon, Den’s de time to chase de coon. Bull frog an’ de turtle In de lagoon hol’ commune. … Continue reading

    Buckshee (Billy Bennett Poems)

    Since the boys have come back from that terrible warWe’re all using words that were not heard beforeLearnt in the dug-out or trenchThere’s napoo and rooty and wind-up, Gee whizAnd Voulez Vous Promenard, thankfully LizThat’s the old soldiers farewell in … Continue reading

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