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    Festus – XXVIII (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    In such timeAs it takes to turn a leaf, we are in heaven;Making our way among the wheeling worlds,Millions of suns, half infinite each, and space,For ever shone into, for ever dark,As deity to and by created mind;Upborne by the … Continue reading

    Festus – VI (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Our nextAdventure seems to promise fair, for be thereOne scene, in life whence evil may be ruledAbsent, ’tis sure pure early love. But notLove sole, with the world untried before one’s eye,Eager to search all being, though of gross caresFreed, … Continue reading

    Festus – XLI (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Millennial earth, transfigured to a star,The rebegotten world, see, born again;Good, universal order, peace and joy.Fruits of the new creation, all the heirsHoly, of light, share; sweet command in these,In those, obedience sweeter still. All artSublimed, all science hallowed, to … Continue reading

    Festus – XIII (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    In one of earth’sHead cities, awaiting this, the effect unknown,Of evil, not, truly, all–wise, we towerlike rise;With eminent but indifferent eye survey,Subdue, in thought, society, now in allIts greater grades seen. Secret science, sinceDivert to aims of power mysterious, schemesFor … Continue reading

    Festus – XXXVII (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Not on one plane indeviable, the soulMakes way, but moonlike waveringly as thoughNot to advance for a time content; the whileUrged by interior fate to compass heavenPauseless; the spirit’s instruction still proceeds;And God’s original end itself fulfil.Soul commune solitary with … Continue reading

    Festus – IV (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Now sets the youth out for joy, the city of joy,Whose walls illuminated with all–hued spheresBeacon the immense of life. He, ‘neath the careOf his kindly enemy, begins his course;Each aiding other; all beside abused.Heaven, hell, life pre–existent, things not … Continue reading

    Festus – XVI (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Charged by the spirit e’er upwards ripening, manAnd evil, his mightier minister, invadePeaceful, that sacred sphere, the queen of heaven,Whose passive utterances of light revealThe birth of things, their subjectness to soul,Spiritual and human; sin’s source, and the meansWhereby perfection … Continue reading

    Festus – XXXII (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    God only can heal the bruised spirit, and yieldPeace. By the overthrown altar of a fane,Foundation shattered, which from faith to faithTranslate, e’er consecrate still stands, we joinIn mystic worship secretly. Let us trustAll, worship, form and offering grateful. StoneUntooled; … Continue reading

    Festus – III (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Follows a starry nightWhere in the talk of man and spirit we seeForeproven, the all–grasping mind’s inordinate loveFor marvels, mysteries, than for goodness moreNay even for greatness. Miracles we must have.Whence comes this dream of immortalityAnd the resurgent essence? Death … Continue reading

    Festus – XXXI (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Earth regained,And lone sea–shore where the great waves come inFrothed like a horse put to his heart–burst speed,Sobbing up–hill, note we, his ends frustrate,How evil, who liar, accuser, tempter, knownDeceiver proven, his title of murderer to earnMan’s hater, God’s most, … Continue reading

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