Poems about elusive (31 Poems)

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    Gacela of Unforseen Love (Federico Garcia Lorca Poem)

    No one understood the perfume of the dark magnolia of your womb. Nobody knew that you tormented a hummingbird of love between your teeth. A thousand Persian little horses fell asleep in the plaza with moon of your forehead, while … Continue reading

    A Blue Valentine (Joyce Kilmer Poem)

    (For Aline) Monsignore, Right Reverend Bishop Valentinus, Sometime of Interamna, which is called Ferni, Now of the delightful Court of Heaven, I respectfully salute you, I genuflect And I kiss your episcopal ring. It is not, Monsignore, The fragrant memory … Continue reading

    the missing (Suheir Hammad Poem)

    the way loss seeps into neck hollows and curls at temples sits between front teeth cavity empty and waiting for mourning to open the way mourning stays forever shadowing vision shaping lives with memory a drawer won’t close sleep elusive … Continue reading

    damsel flies (Rg Gregory Poem)

    certain creatures it seems are never seen straight on – they occupy the corner of the eye once sensed (a second look) they’re gone the damsel even more so than the dragon-fly she’s a tough cookie for all her slender … Continue reading

    the buddha’s tooth (Rg Gregory Poems)

    (for matt – 15) in the first seven years you choose your howdah having by then bare inklings of a journey but where or why – confusion there to cloud a judgement no more ready than a sore knee to … Continue reading

    Searching for Moose (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Down the highway we flew, toward home looking in the woods, looking in the fields, the hills, the water, the shoulders we were searching for moose, those elusive, stealthy moose. August 17, 2007 Our mission trip, from Wesley United Methodist … Continue reading

    Wisdom was a Girl (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    She was so smart wisdom was a girl a different image, thought than the Proverbs 31 girl, the one who started it all, the women of the bible with issues and challenges No Wisdom was a girl of a whole … Continue reading

    Researching (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Above the noise in the room below the sound of the television, the game, the laughter of our five-year old entertaining herself alone Looking for precedence, for the case on point a winning parallel for my case looking desperately, seeking … Continue reading

    Refuted Facts (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Ways to agreement beyond the sparring the minuet of debate of advocacy, of winning findings words of compromise uncontested claims irrefutable facts incontrovertible evidence without malice or capitulation face-saving words are illusory or at least elusive January 3, 2007 19:59 … Continue reading

    Eating Edifice (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Spots opened without notice, without attribution the candies, elements of the gingerbread house disappeared clapboards, gutters shrubs, roof, dismantled Stealthy fingers giggling eyes sugary teeth colored lips and tongue Evidence and conviction elusive January 3, 2007 19:51 (Raymond A. Foss)

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