Poems about demented (21 Poems)

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    Men (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    Man is a creature of a thousand whims;The slave of hope and fear and circumstance.Through toil and martyrdom a million yearsStruggling and groping upward from the brute,And ever dragging still the brutish chains,And ever slipping backward to the brute.Shall he … Continue reading

    Kocho (Ivan Vazov Poems)

    (The Defence of Perushtitsa) O stirring of glory, O sombre sad stirring,Days of proud struggle, O days of adversity!Epic obscure and by us unacclaimed,Epic abounding in heroism and shame! The church was tight-packed with young women and children,Insurgents ecstatic had … Continue reading

    A Sweltering Day In Australia (Mark Twain Poems)

    The Bombola faints in the hot Bowral tree,Where fierce Mullengudgery’s smothering firesFar from the breezes of CoolgardieBurn ghastly and blue as the day expires; And Murriwillumba complaineth in songFor the garlanded bowers of Woolloomooloo,And the Ballarat Fly and the lone … Continue reading

    Libert (Paul Eluard Poems)

    On my school notebooksOn my desk and on the treesOn the sands of snowI write your name On the pages I have readOn all the white pagesStone, blood, paper or ashI write your name On the images of goldOn the … Continue reading

    Love and Lucre (John Godfrey Saxe Poems)

    Love and Lucre met one day,In chill November weather,And so, to wile the time away,They held discourse together. Love at first was rather shy,As thinking there was dangerIn venturing so very nighThe haughty-looking stranger; But Lucre managed to employBehavior so … Continue reading

    Instructions (Maxwell Bodenheim Poems)

    Call the moon a round scar leftBy a wound of self-discoveryUpon a mystery whose sleepProduces men and worlds.Say that sunlight barelySurpasses blackness, in comparisonWith unknown lights whose firstIntimations would shrivel the earthIn the least part of a second.Cry that beauty … Continue reading

    Letter to an Archaeologis (Joseph Brodsky Poems)

    Citizen, enemy, mama’s boy, sucker, uttergarbage, panhandler, swine, refujew, verrucht;a scalp so often scalded with boiling waterthat the puny brain feels completely cooked.Yes, we have dwelt here: in this concrete, brick, woodenrubble which you now arrive to sift.All our wires … Continue reading

    My Almost-Daughter, my Nearly-was Son (Chris Forhan Poems)

    Those overtime nights in the ice factory, eyeing gauges, greasing gears: that’s one thing. And the hours of clarinet lessons.All that rain that blathered on the patio, leaveslifting and twisting, a demented semaphore. I hired myselfto crack that code, kept … Continue reading

    The Wind (John Bannister Tabb Poems)

    Now, in his joy,A whistling Boy,Now, sombre and defiantHis every breathA threat of death,A blind, demented Giant. (John Bannister Tabb)

    The Truant (Edwin John Pratt Poems)

    ‘What have you there?’ the great Panjandrum saidTo the Master of the Revels who had ledA bucking truant with a stiff backboneClose to the foot of the Almighty’s throne. ‘Right Reverend, most adored,And forcibly acknowledged LordBy the keen logic of … Continue reading

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