Poems about coppers (21 Poems)

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    Masha (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    When I lived, many years ago, in Petersburg, every time I chanced to hire asledge, I used to get into conversation with the driver. I was particularly fond of talking to the night drivers, poor peasants fromthe country round, who … Continue reading

    Alms (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    Near a large town, along the broad highroad walked an old sick man. He tottered as he went; his old wasted legs, halting, dragging, stumbling,moved painfully and feebly, as though they did not belong to him; hisclothes hung in rags … Continue reading

    The Enemy In The Gate (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    To Britannia. Nay, all this availeth thee nothing— Thy prestige, thy power, and estate,Thy glory, honour, and riches; An enemy sits in the gate.Thy place ‘mong the nations is highest; Britannia, thou sitt’st as a Queen:Unequalled in commerce—in warfare Unrivall’d thy conquests have been. … Continue reading

    Homoeopathy (John Collings Squire Poems)

    WE was in the ” Blue Dragon,’ Sid ‘Awkins and me,When all of a sudden, “Here, Ernie,” says he,“There are limits to what flesh and blood can endure;We must really protest against Prussian Kultur.” There’s an alien butcher down Wapplng … Continue reading

    The Dance To Death. Act II (Emma Lazarus Poems)

    ACT II.–At Eisenach. SCENE I.   A Room in the LANDGRAVE’S Palace.  FREDERICK THE GRAVE and  HENRY SCHNETZEN. LANDGRAVE.Who tells thee of my son’s love for the Jewess? SCHNETZEN.Who tells me?  Ask the Judengasse walls,The garrulous stones publish Prince William’s … Continue reading

    The Borough. Letter II: The Church (George Crabbe Poems)

    WHAT is a Church?–Let Truth and Reason speak,They would reply, “The faithful, pure, and meek;From Christian folds, the one selected race,Of all professions, and in every place.”“What is a Church?”–“A flock,” our Vicar cries,“Whom bishops govern and whom priests advise;Wherein … Continue reading

    Bedfordshire Ballad – IV (E W Bowling Poems)

    Home, Sweet Home.   I’m a Bedfordshire Chap, and Bill Stumps is my name,  And to tell it don’t give me no manner of shame;  For a man as works honest and hard for his livin’,  When he tells you … Continue reading

    The Game (C J Dennis Poems)

    Ho! the sky’s as blue as blazes an’ the sun is shinin’ bright,  An’ the dicky birds is singin’ over’ead,An’ I’m ‘ummin’, softly ‘ummin’, w’ile I’m achin’ fer a fight,  An’ the chance to fill some blighter full of lead.An’ … Continue reading

    The Wedding That Never Was (Billy Bennett Poems)

    The clock in the steeple struck fourteenThe day that the wedding was fixedThe couple had gone on their honeymoon firstSo – things had got a bit mixed. The bridesmaids’ dresses had gone astraySo they had only half their clothes onAnd … Continue reading

    The Defence (C J Dennis Poems)

    Not guilty, yer Honers!  I talks to yer straight!  An’ I calls it a pretty crook game –An’ an ‘og of a thing, if the coppers should bring  Such dishonor as this on me name –On me name that ‘as … Continue reading

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