Poems about contrasted (21 Poems)

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    Mary Queen Of Scots, An Historical Poem (Margaretta Wedderburn Poems)

    DEPARTED shade of MARY, much reproach’d,How oft I’ve view’d thy sufferings severe,With faults contrasted: in my mind revolv’d,And them arranged have, in dubious thought. When thou appear’dst again in Scotland’s Isle,At thy return from France, in widow’d state,And in the … Continue reading

    The Traveller; or, A Prospect of Society (Oliver Goldsmith Poems)

    Remote, unfriended, melancholy, slowOr by the lazy Scheldt or wandering Po,OR onward, where the rude Corinthian boorAgainst the houseless stranger shuts the door,OR where Campania’s plain forsaken liesA weary waste expanding to the skies –Where’er I roam, whatever realms to … Continue reading

    Festus – Proem (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    This time is equal to all time that’s goneOf like extent, nor heeds to hide its faceBefore the future: each is missioned hereTo ends like worthy of its sender, God.Him therefore let us bless too, and take heart;All ages are … Continue reading

    Queen Mab: Part II. (Percy Bysshe Shelley Poems)

    If solitude hath ever led thy steps   To the wild ocean’s echoing shore,   And thou hast lingered there,   Until the sun’s broad orb  Seemed resting on the burnished wave,   Thou must have marked the lines  Of purple gold that motionless   Hung o’er the sinking sphere;  Thou must have … Continue reading

    Rachel (John Lawson Stoddard Poems)

    ‘Twas sunset in Jerusalem; the lightStill lingered on the city’s walls, and crownedMount Olivet with splendor, while below,Among the trees of dark GethsemaneAnd on the Kedron gloomy shadows lay,As if but waiting for the death of dayTo rise and mantle … Continue reading

    Love’s Triumph (Nathaniel Bloomfield Poems)

    AN ELEGIAC BALLAD. [The Expostulation.–Continued.–Fears ofPoverty.–Encouragement.–Baldwin’s Song.–Deceitfulness of visionsindulgence.–Tormenting distressing Passions.–Comforts of a lowFortune.–Poverty in England contrasted with other Countries.–TheQuestion…. The Conclusion.]    *   *   *   *   *           1  Come, let us seek the woodland shade,  And leave this view of towns and towers: Sweeter far the … Continue reading

    A November Night’s Traveller (Joanna Baillie Poems)

    HE , who with journey well begun,Beneath the beam of morning’s sun,Stretching his view o’er hill and dale,And distant city, (thro’ its veilOf smoke, dark spires and chimnies shewing,)O’er harvest-lands with plenty flowing,What time the rous’d and busy, meetingOn King’s … Continue reading

    A Portrait (Richard Brinsley Sheridan Poems)

    Tell me, ye prim adepts in Scandal’s school,Who rail by precept, and detract by rule,Lives there no character, so tried, so known,So deck’d with grace, and so unlike your own,That even you assist her fame to raise,Approve by envy, and … Continue reading

    A Story With A Moral (John Marchborn Cooley Poems)

    One ev’ning, as some children play’dBeneath an oak tree’s summer shade,A stranger, travel-stained and gray,Beside them halted on his way.As if a spell, upon them thrown,Had changed their agile limbs to stone,Each in the spot where it first view’dTh’ approaching … Continue reading

    A Landscape (John Cunningham Poems)

    Now that summer’s ripen’d bloomFrolics where the winter frown’d,Stretch’d upon these banks of broom,We command the landscape round. Nature in the prospect yieldsHumble dales and mountains bold,Meadows, woodlands, heaths—and fieldsYellow’d o’er with waving gold. Goats upon that frowning steepFearless with … Continue reading

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