Poems about compassing (15 Poems)

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    A Tale of Tuscany (Oscar Fay Adams Poems)

    An Old-World tale. Who reads perchanceMay deem it dull or idly told,Preferring latter-day romanceWhere well trained hearts their loves unfold. Tuscany, land of fierce hates and wild loves and of limitless passions,Tuscany, home of Petrarca and Dante and lively Boccaccio,Tuscany, … Continue reading

    The Destruction Of Troy (John Denham Poems)

    AN ESSAY ON THE SECOND BOOK OF VIRGIL’S AENEIS, THE ARGUMENT. The first book speaks of Aeneas’s voyage by sea, and how, being cast bytempest upon the coast of Carthage, he was received by Queen Dido, who,after the feast, desires … Continue reading

    The Muses Threnodie: Sixth Muse (Henry Adamson Poems)

    As we arrived at our Lady’s Steps,Incontinent all men reversed their caps,Bidding us welcome home, and joining hand,They ask from whence we came, and from what land;Said we, some curious, catching every wind,Do run through sea and land to either … Continue reading

    Yamoyden: Canto I (James Wallis Eastburn Poems)

    I. THE morning air was freshly breathing,The morning mists were wildly wreathing;Day’s earliest beams were kindling o’erThe wood-crowned hills and murmuring shore.‘Twas summer; and the forests threwTheir chequered shapes of varying hue,In mingling, changeful shadows seen,O’er hill and bank, and … Continue reading

    Sher Afzul (Laurence Hope Poems)

    This was the tale Sher Afzul told to me,  While the spent camels bubbled on their knees,And ruddy camp-fires twinkled through the gloom  Sweet with the fragrance from the Sinjib trees. I had a friend who lay, condemned to death  In gaol for … Continue reading

    In My Orange-Grove (John Bannister Tabb Poems)

    Orbs of Autumnal beauty, breathed to lightFrom blooms of May,Rounded between the touch of lengthening nightAnd lessening day,Flushed with the Summer fulness that the Spring(Fair seer!) foretold,The circle of three seasons compassingIn spheres of gold. (John Bannister Tabb)

    In Excelsis (Amy Lowell Poems)

    You — you — Your shadow is sunlight on a plate of silver; Your footsteps, the seeding-place of lilies; Your hands moving, a chime of bells across a windless air. The movement of your hands is the long, golden running … Continue reading

    Smooring The Fire (Anonymous Irish Poems)

    I smoor the fire this night As the Son of Mary would smoor it; The compassing of God be on the fire, The compassing of God on all the household. Be God’s compassing about ourselves, Be God’s compassing about us … Continue reading

    Endymion: Book II (John Keats Poem)

    O Sovereign power of love! O grief! O balm! All records, saving thine, come cool, and calm, And shadowy, through the mist of passed years: For others, good or bad, hatred and tears Have become indolent; but touching thine, One … Continue reading

    The Hippopotamus (T. S. Eliot Poem)

    Similiter et omnes revereantur Diaconos, ut mandatum Jesu Christi; et Episcopum, ut Jesum Christum, existentem filium Patris; Presbyteros autem, ut concilium Dei et conjunctionem Apostolorum. Sine his Ecclesia non vocatur; de quibus suadeo vos sic habeo. S. Ignatii Ad Trallianos. … Continue reading

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