Poems about carvings (17 Poems)

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    The Universe (Henry Baker Poems)

    A POEM. Intended to restrain the Pride of Man. Thy Works, Eternal Power by whom she sings!The Muse attempts, and tunes the sounding Strings:To Heav’n and Thee her Adoration raise,And form the Song devoted to thy Praise! Around thy Throne, … Continue reading

    The City (Howard Phillips Lovecraft Poems)

    It was golden and splendid,                             That City of light;                               A vision suspended                                 In deeps of the night;                             A region of wonder and glory, whose temples were marble and white.                                                I remember the season                                It dawn’d on my gaze;                              The mad … Continue reading

    Questions Of Life (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    A bending staff I would not break,A feeble faith I would not shake,Nor even rashly pluck awayThe error which some truth may stay,Whose loss might leave the soul withoutA shield against the shafts of doubt. And yet, at times, when … Continue reading

    The Kalevala – Rune XVIII (Elias Lonnrot Poems)

    THE RIVAL SUITORS Wainamoinen, old and truthful,Long considered, long debated,How to woo and win the daughterOf the hostess of Pohyola,How to lead the Bride of Beauty,Fairy maiden of the rainbow,To the meadows of Wainola,From the dismal Sariola.Now he decks his … Continue reading

    Nirvana Days (Cale Young Rice Poems)

    I   If I were in Japan today,    In little Japan today,  I’d watch the sampan-rowers ride    On Yokohama bay.  I’d watch the little flower-folk    Pass on the Bund, where play  Of “foreign” music fills their ears  … Continue reading

    The Acorn (Elizabeth Oakes Smith Poems)

    AN acorn fell from an old oak tree,And lay on the frosty ground“O, what shall the fate of the acorn be!”Was whispered all around, By low-toned voices, chiming sweet,Like a floweret’s bell when swungAnd grasshopper steeds were gathering fleet,And the … Continue reading

    Rock Carving (Douglas Alexander Stewart Poems)

    The lines grow slack in our hands at full high-water;The midnight rears in the sky; and beneath the boatAnother midnight, dwarfing the flare of a matchOr flare of a mind, expands and deepens. We floatAbandoned as driftwood on a tide … Continue reading

    In Memoriam (Alice Dunbar-Nelson Poems)

    The light streams through the windows arched high,And o’er the stern, stone carvings breaksIn warm rich gold and crimson waves,Then steals away in corners dark to die. And all the grand cathedral silence fallsInto the hearts of those that worship … Continue reading

    Bud Discusses Cleanliness (Edgar Albert Guest Poems)

    First thing in the morning, last I hear at night,Get it when I come from school: “My, you look a sight!Go upstairs this minute, an’ roll your sleeves up highAn’ give your hands a scrubbing and wipe ’em till they’re … Continue reading

    The Builder (Duncan Campbell Scott Poems)

    WHEN the deep cunning architectHad the great minster planned,They worked in faith for twice two hundred yearsAnd reared the building grand;War came and famine and they did not falter,But held his line,And filled the space divineWith carvings meet for the … Continue reading

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