Poems about camphor (19 Poems)

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    Yusuf and Zuleikha (Excerpt 3) (Jami2 Poems)

    Is this a dream?—-another dream,Like that which stole my senses first,Which sparkled o’er my life’s dull stream,By idle, erring fancy nursed?Was it for this my life I spentIn murmurs deep, and discontent—-Slighted, for this, all homage due,From gen’rous, faithful love … Continue reading

    Mrs. McNair (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    Mrs. McNair  Was tall and fair; Mrs. McNair was slim;She had flashing black eyes and raven hair;But a very remarkably modest air;And her only care was for Mr. McNair; She was exceedingly fond of him.   He sold “notions” and lace  With wonderful grace,And kept … Continue reading

    Seasonal Cycle – Chapter 02 – Rainy Season (Kalidasa Poems)

    “Oh, dear, now the kingly monsoon is onset with its clouds containing raindrops, as its ruttish elephants in its convoy, and with skyey flashes of lighting as its pennants and buntings, and with the thunders of thunderbolts as its percussive … Continue reading

    Miss Thompson Goes Shopping (Martin Armstrong Poems)

    Miss Thompson at Home In her lone cottage on the downs,With winds and blizzards and great crownsOf shining cloud, with wheeling ploverAnd short grass sweet with the small white clover,Miss Thompson lived, correct and meek,A lonely spinster, and every weekOn … Continue reading

    Kwannon (Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall Poems)

    Kwannon, the Japanese goddess of mercy, is represented with many hands, typifying generosity and kindness. In one of these hands she is supposedto hold an axe, wherewith she severs the threads of human lives.   I am the ancient one, the many-handed,   The merciful am I.   Here where the black pine bends above the sea   They bring their gifts to me —   Spoil of the foreshore where the corals lie,   Fishes of ivory, and amber stranded,   And carven beads   Green as the fretted fringes of the weeds.   Age after age, I watch the long sails pass.  Age after age, I see them come once more  Home, as the grey-winged pigeon to the grass,  The white crane to the shore.  Goddess am I of heaven and this small town  Above the beaches brown.  And here the children bring me cakes, and flowers,  And all the strange sea-creatures that they find,  For “She,” they say, “the Merciful, is ours,  And she,” they say, “is kind.”   Camphor and wave-worn sandalwood for burning  They bring to me alone,  Shells that are veined like irises, and those  Curved like the clear bright petals of a rose.  Wherefore an hundredfold again returning  I render them their own —   Full-freighted nets that flash among the foam,  Laughter and love, and gentle eyes at home,  Cool of the night, and the soft air that swells  My silver temple bells.  Winds of the spring, the little flowers that shine  Where the young barley slopes to meet the pine,  Gold of the charlock, guerdon of the rain,  I give to them again.   Yet though the fishing boats return full-laden  Out of the broad blue east,  Under the brown roofs pain is their handmaiden,  And mourning is their feast.  Yea, though my many hands are raised to bless,  I am not strong to give them happiness.   Sorrow comes swiftly as the swallow flying,  O, little lives, that are so quickly done!  Peace is my raiment, mercy is my breath,  I am the gentle one.  When they are tired of sorrow and of sighing  I give them death. (Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall)

    Just a Love Letter (Henry Cuyler Bunner Poems)

    NEW YORK, July 20, 1883.DEAR GIRL:The town goes on as thoughIt thought you still were in it;The gilded cage seems scarce to knowThat it has lost its linnet.The people come, the people pass;The clock keeps on a-ticking;And through the basement … Continue reading

    Glances (Maurice Polydore-Marie-Bernard Maeterlinck Poems)

    O, all these poor weary glances!And yours, and mine!And those that are no more, and those to be!And those that will never be, and yet exist!There are those that seem to visit the poor on a Sabbath;There are some like … Continue reading

    The Best Spare Room (Joseph C Lincoln Poems)

    I remember, when a youngster, all the happy hours I spentWhen to visit Uncle Hiram in the country oft I went;And the pleasant recollection still in memory has a charmOf my boyish romps and rambles round the dear old-fashioned farm.But … Continue reading

    By The Quay (Roderic Quinn Poems)

    I KNEW a ship in the magical timeOf painted toy and nursery rhymeThat quested the world with sails unfurled,And fluttered her flag in every clime.Now, once a year, when she came to port,We quitted our lessons, forgot our sport,Deserted schools … Continue reading

    Calling The Doctor (John Wesley Holloway Poems)

    Ah’m sick, doctor-man, Ah’m sick!Gi’ me some’n’ to he’p me quick, Don’t,–Ah’ll die! Tried mighty hard fo’ to cure mahse’f;Tried all dem t’ings on de pantry she’f;Couldn’ fin’ not’in’ a-tall would do, An’ so Ah sent fo’ you. “Wha’d Ah take?” Well, … Continue reading

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