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    Festus – VI (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Our nextAdventure seems to promise fair, for be thereOne scene, in life whence evil may be ruledAbsent, ’tis sure pure early love. But notLove sole, with the world untried before one’s eye,Eager to search all being, though of gross caresFreed, … Continue reading

    Biography (John Masefield Poems)

      When I am buried, all my thoughts and acts  Will be reduced to lists of dates and facts,  And long before this wandering flesh is rotten  The dates which made me will be all forgotten;  And none will know the gleam there used to … Continue reading

    Honours — Part II. (Jean Ingelow Poems)

    As one who, journeying, checks the rein in haste Because a chasm doth yawn across his wayToo wide for leaping, and too steeply faced   For climber to essay— As such an one, being brought to sudden stand, Doubts all his foregone path if … Continue reading

    An Ode For The Fourth Of July (James Russell Lowell Poems)

    Entranced I saw a vision in the cloudThat loitered dreaming in yon sunset sky,Full of fair shapes, half creatures of the eye,Half chance-evoked by the wind’s fantasyIn golden mist, an ever-shifting crowd:There, ‘mid unreal forms that came and wentIn air-spun … Continue reading

    Elfindale (James Avis Bartley Poems)

    PART FIRST. Sweet Frankie lives in Elfindale;Where all the flowers are fair, and frail(Like her fair self,) a slender fairy,And like a zephyr, playsome, airy,But lovelier far, than buxom Mary.Now, since I saw her full, bright eyes,And heard her tongue’s … Continue reading

    A Walk By Moonlight (Henry Louis Vivian Derozio Poems)

    Last night — it was a lovely night,         And I was very blest —       Shall it not be for Memory         A happy spot to rest?       Yes; there are in the backward past         Soft hours to which we turn —       Hours which, at distance, mildly shine,         Shine on, … Continue reading

    The Holy Lady (James Avis Bartley Poems)

    Oh, Heaven hath given to earth some souls,  Of rarest loveliness,Whose being’s constant current rolls,  The wretched still to bless. Well wishing Heaven hath given to earth,  Some hearts of purest fire,To renovate our sinful birth,  And raise our low desire. The Holy Lady … Continue reading

    Koheleth (Louis Untermeyer Poems)

    I waited and worked  To win myself leisure,Till loneliness irked  And I turned to raw pleasure. I drank and I gamed,  I feasted and wasted,Till, sick and ashamed,  The food stood untasted. I searched in the Book  For rooted convictions,Till the badgered brain shook  With its … Continue reading

    The Spagnoletto. Act III (Emma Lazarus Poems)

    Act III.SCENE I.   The studio of the Spagnoletto.  RIBERA before his canvas.  LUCA  in attendance. RIBERA (laying aside his brush).So! I am weary.  Luca, what ‘s o’clock? LUCA.My lord, an hour past noon. RIBERA.        So late … Continue reading

    The Kalevala – Rune XXVII (Elias Lonnrot Poems)

    THE UNWELCOME GUEST. I have brought young Kaukomieli,Brought the Islander and hero,Also known as Lemminkainen,Through the jaws of death and ruin,Through the darkling deeps of Kalma,To the homesteads of Pohyola,To the dismal courts of Louhi;Now must I relate his doings,Must … Continue reading

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