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    Bomb (Gregory Corso Poems)

    Budger of history  Brake of time  You  Bomb   Toy of universe  Grandest of all snatched sky  I cannot hate you    Do I hate the mischievous thunderbolt  the jawbone of an ass  The bumpy club of One Million B.C.  the mace  the flail   the … Continue reading

    Medulla Poetarum Romanorum – VOL. II. (Love – Lover) (Henry Baker Poems)

    Love.See Lover. Venus. Great Love! thy Empire o’er the World extends!To thy soft Charms the whole Creation bends!On Hills, in Streams, thro’ all the rolling Main,The leafy Forest, and the grassy Plain,Thy kindling Warmth the various Nations find,And rush with … Continue reading

    Hans Carvel (Matthew Prior Poems)

    Hans Carvel, impotent and old,Married a lass of London mould.Handsome? Enough; extremely gay;Loved music, company, and play:High flights she had, and wit at will,And so her tongue lay seldom still;For in all visits who but sheTo argue or to repartee? … Continue reading

    A Leap Year Episode (Hattie Howard Poems)

    Such oranges! so fresh and sweet,   So large and lovely–and so cheap!   They lay in one delicious heap,    And added to the sumptuous feast  For each and all in taste expert  The acme of all fine dessert;    So, singling out the very least  As in itself an … Continue reading

    Point Balbianello (John Lawson Stoddard Poems)

    From Lake Como’s depths ascending,With embankments steepStands a wooded headland, bendingWith majestic sweepTill its rugged shores, expanding,Join two charming bays,Now, as formerly, commandingUniversal praise. Years ago a papal PrimateBuilt a hospice here,Which, from its delightful climate,Mild throughout the year,Soon became … Continue reading

    Kindred Spirits (Jared Barhite Poems)

    Oh, give me some heart of a kindred spirit  That smiles when I smile, or that weeps when I weep,  Whose solace is greater by far to inherit  Than the wealth of the mines or the gems of the deep.   Some heart that … Continue reading

    A New Suit (Hattie Howard Poems)

    The artist and the loom unseen,  In textures soft as _crepe de chine_  Spring weaves her royal robe of green,   With grasses fringed and daisies dotted,  With furzy tufts like mosses fine  And showy clumps of eglantine,  With dainty shrub and creeping vine   Upon the verdant fabric … Continue reading

    Letters Of The Unliving (Mina Loy Poems)

    The present implies presencethusunauthorized by the presentthese letters are left authorless —have lost all originsince the inscribing handlost life. The harshness of the pastcroaks,from creased leavescovered with unwritten writingsince death’s erasureof the writer —erased the lover Well-chosen and so ill-relinquishedthe … Continue reading

    Little Son (Georgia Douglas Johnson Poems)

    The very acme of my woe,The pivot of my pride,My consolation, and my hopeDeferred, but not denied.The substance of my every dream,The riddle of my plight,The very world epitomizedIn turmoil and delight. (Georgia Douglas Johnson)

    Metabole. (Alfred Castner King Poems)

    AN APOSTROPHE TO THE MOON. O, silvery moon, fair mistress of the night,Thou mellow, ever vaccilating orb,How many eons of unmeasured timeHast thou, observant from thy astral poise,Thy ever-changing station in the skies,Beheld the wastes of earth, of air and … Continue reading

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