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Standing to Speak

Sharing in this moment in history
the confluence of the birthday of Dr. King
the inauguration of Barack Obama
searching for standing, to be part of these days
to understand enough of their struggle
to have something meaningful to say

Seeing the eyes of my daughters,
like those of his girls,
knowing the change in the offing
if he is able to answer this call
hoping, praying for their future
and the bright day that is yet to come
when his oath is but a footnote
and equality is part of our everyday world

January 19, 2009
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
watching his "I have a dream" speech with my family;
the message, "It's not just a dream but a reality"
on the sign in front of church;
the story of Moses and Joshua,
Deuteronomy 34:1-12
Joshua 1:1-9
and on the juxtaposition of the
80th birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
and the inauguration of Barack Obama
as President of the United States of America
along with
Micah 4:1-4
Matthew 5:43-48
the sermon, "Love Your Who???",
by Reverend Huntley Halvorson,
Suncook United Methodist Church, Suncook, NH