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Sons of Abraham

Ishmael, oh Ishmael
set down the rock
Isaac, oh Isaac
drop your sword.

For as you do,
so do your sons
to the thousandth generation
a pox on both houses

A plague blowing, obliterating
Lines in the blowing sand, lines of blood,
running to the sea, war and chaos,
famine and pestilence, reality in the struggle.

Blood brothers,
heirs each of the promise
so long ago, to our father
our faithful father Abraham

How he must weep.

June 14, 2007 9:44
Genesis 16, 21, 25
On the drive back to my office from Concord this morning, I was thinking about a new poem, "Sons of Abraham", about the conflicts of the world as a metaphor of sibling rivalry - Ishmael and Isaac (Islam and Judeo-Christianity).