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Sharing with God

The word coming alive
seeping within me
dwelling more firmly
with each passing day

Words of healing
of grace unfolding
the layers of God's love
in every word here

Sharing with God
as I share with others
all that I read
what I am coming to know

All of it layered
yet deeply meaningful
even in the dim image
beautiful to behold

Wanting to share
needing to offer
even a glimpse of the Lord
to everyone here

Sharing Christ
God with us
to study this word
who came to the earth

Offering witness
the teachings poured
into my heart
and out to the world

July 3, 2010
Galatians 6:6
Galatians 6:1-6
Upper Room Disciplines for 2010
for June 28, 2010 to July 4, 2010,
"Doing the Right Thing"
by Chip Hale
for July 3, 2010
read July 3, 2010

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