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Going To Tobog.

Into my disappointment-cup
   The snowflakes fell and blocked the road,
  And so I thought I'd finish up
   The latest style of Christmas ode;
  When she, the charming little lass
   With eyes as bright as isinglass,
  Before a line my pen had wrought
   In strange attire came bounding in,
  As if she had with Bruno fought,
   And robbed him of his shaggy skin.

  She came to me robed _cap-a-pie_
   In her bewitching "blanket-suit,"
  In moccasin and toggery,
   All ready for "that icy chute,"
  And asked me if I thought she'd do;
   I shake with love of mischief true:
  "For what?--a polar bear?--why, yes!"
   "No, no!" she said, with half a pout.
  "Why, one would think so, by your dress--
   Say, does your mother know you're out?"

  "No, I'm not out," she said, and sighed;
   "Because the storm so wildly raged--
  But for the first delightful ride
   For half a year I've been engaged."
  "Engaged to what?--an Esquimau?
   To ride a glacier, or a floe?"
  "Why, don't you know"--her color glowed,
   In expectation all agog--
  "The reason why I'm glad it snowed?
   Because--I'm going to tobog."