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A Visit to the Museum (on February Vacation)

Each of us, mom and dad,
seem to have slightly longer arms,
right arms now, after the pulling,
the tugging, the yanking,
a five and a six year old
at the hands-on science museum
on February vacation
from school, before
the snow storm tomorrow
So much to see, to touch, to run toward
to redirect, to entice, to do
Dinosaurs, bubbles, wires, tools,
toys, one end to the other,
up and down stairs, across the room
seeing, touching, doing,
it all, every station, everything
over stimulated, absorbed
by the variety, the challenge,
the relentless pursuit, of the new
Now, let's go!
Over there!
Now there!
Can we, Please!

March 1, 2007 13:47
SEE Science Museum, Manchester, NH
That's a lot of LEGO's - Millyard Project -