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A Certain King

A certain King whose power is great,
For his own glory did create
A spacious globe, and it did place
In what is termed the field of space.

This globe by name he called the earth,
Ordaining that it should give birth
To creatures formed by his own hand,
And placed there to possess the land.

In his own image man he made,
As he with his co-workers said,
And from his side a rib did take,
Of which a woman he did make.

So that they, male and female, were,
And unto man the King brought her,
To be to him a helper meet,
And make his happiness complete.

And he them blessed, and gave command
To multiply upon the land;
And fruitful be upon the earth,
Subdue, replenish and give birth.

And have dominion over all,
Of birds and beasts, both great and small —
And fish, and all on earth that live
He over them dominion gave.

And all the herbs and trees and fruit
That did their palates please and suit,
To them he said should be for food,
And he pronounced them very good.

He then a garden very fair
In Eden made, and placed them there.
And from the ground he caused to grow
Trees beautiful and useful too.

And doubtless many flowers were there
That were both beautiful and fair,
And they might always happy be,
There being but one forbidden tree.

Which in the garden's midst was placed,
And they commanded not to taste
On pain and penalty of death.
As they thereby would lose their breath.

This was of knowledge called the tree
Of good and evil both we see,
And near it stood the Tree of Life,
Which was free for this man and wife.

Of which they might partake and live,
And to their King the honor give,
For what to them he did bestow
Of all things which on earth did grow.

To them all things were given free,
Except the one forbidden Tree,
Of which the King to them did say,
To eat therefore ye die that day.

This thing would come upon them sure
If they partook what this tree bore.
But all things else to them was given
Of things on earth beneath the heaven.

Yet sad we are to have to tell
These two they disobeyed and fell,
By taking of the forbidden Tree,
They brought themselves to misery.

Now previous to the time when they
Did thus transgress and disobey,
There was a spirit fell from heaven,
Who rebelled, and from thence was driven.

For daring to attempt to fight
Against the almighty King of Light,
And raising impious war in heaven,
Hence he from thence was quickly driven.

With him were many others fell,
Who like him also did rebel
Against Him who did them all create
And placed them in a happy state.

And as no merit was their own,
'Twas all through the free gift alone
Of the great King of Light, who had
Them and all other creatures made.

Therefore their sin was very great
To oppose Him who did them create
And give them all the joys above,
They nought should know but Him to love.

But as instead they did rebel,
Therefore from happiness they fell,
For warring angel Michael went
And Gabriel he was also sent

For to oppose these powers of night
Who dared against their King to fight.
The battle was set in array,
The Powers of Darkness lost that day.

Their army it was put to flight
And driven from the fields of Light.
But yet they were not driven down,
But beat back from the battle ground.

And each engagement suffered loss,
And all of their vain hopes were crossed.
Now orator Truth began the fight
Against these boisterous sons of night.

And with a dart their leader wound
And threw him flat upon the ground.
As he had first broke peace in heaven,
Truth said from thence he must be driven.

So thus the battle was began,
And Satan strove, but strove in vain,
For to retain his place in heaven,
But could not, for he down was driven.

For on the third day of the fight,
Appeared the mighty King of Light,
And in a fiery chariot rode
Upon the field, and overthrowed

All these dark powers, and bound them to
His chariot wheels, that they might know
How vain was all their false pretence
For to oppose Omnipotence.

He then consigned them down to hell,
His thunder-bolts upon them fell.
So that a refuge even there
Was found from such great wrath severe.

So after they there long had lain
Stretched out upon the burning plain,
Abadon essayed to raise his head,
Though thunder-scared, and thus he said:

Comrades in arms! Arise! arise!
Though we are driven from the skies,
Let's not be idle even here,
What'er we can do, then prepare.

To do with all the speed we can,
Though we are on this burning plain,
Let's build a castle and there meet.
When we have got it all complete,

And counsel take what's best to do,
To be avenged on our dread foe
Who drove us from the heavenly place,
And has against us set his face.

So they concluded not to meet
The foe that did them once defeat.
But did agree, a better plan
Would be to attack his creature man.

So therefore Abadon went forth
To see if he could find the earth,
The place prepared for man to live,
Which by his King to him was give.

In finding it he had success,
And also on it found the place
Where did abide the man and wife
Who were so happy then in life.

Them he determined to destroy,
And put an end to all their joy,
By causing them to thus transgress,
And thereby lose their happiness.

So he the woman did assail,
And also did on her prevail;
She being the weaker of the pair,
Abadon therefore attacked her,

And caused her to believe a lie,
And said they would not surely die,
And eating would make them more wise,
And open would be both their eyes,

If they eat of the forbidden tree,
Themselves as gods would surely be,
And good and evil they would know
By eating what on this tree grew.

And that their King himself did know
That if they eat, it would be so,
And therefore he had them forbid
To keep from them this knowledge hid.

So when she saw the fruit looked fair
That grew upon this tree so rare,
Believing that to eat she'd grow
So wise that she would all things know.

'Twas then she did put forth her hand
And dare to break her God's command,
She also gave unto her mate,
Who like her fell in the same state.

Thus was King Alpha's law transgressed
By those who had by him been placed
In that delightful place of rest,
And who so greatly he had blessed.

Therefore, as they did thus offend
Him who had always been their friend.
They were for this from Eden driven
Who dared to offend the Prince of Heaven.

And for their sakes was put on earth
A curse that thorns it might bring forth,
And they were told they surely must
As they were dust return to dust.

Our steps we're forced to now make long,
As we must soon conclude our song,
And many things we must pass by,
And not describe them minutely.

So as these two did thus transgress,
They did bring Death on all their race,
And all thereby must surely die,
And also in the dust must lie.

And never more from thence to rise,
Unless there was a sacrifice
For to atone for their great sin,
They never could rise up again.

The King therefore in mercy great
Prepared to save them from that state,
And did prepare a sacrifice
That was sufficient to suffice.

As Abadon had in serpent's form
Essayed to do them this great harm,
Therefore King Alpha to him said,
The woman's seed should bruise his head.

And as he had beguiled her,
Therefore should be his greatest power
To only make her children feel
His malice raging at their heel.

So now began to multiply,
The race of those who were to die.
Two sons were first unto them given,
The one served well the King of Heaven.

The elder served him not so well,
But did adhere to the king of hell,
And because his brother's work was good,
His being bad, he shed his blood.

Which brought King Alpha's wrath upon
Him, and he cursed him from the ground
Which had received his brother's blood,
So he therefore a criminal stood.

Pronounced a vagabond on earth,
From the King's presence he went forth.
His seed increasing in the land,
They disobeyed the King's command.

But God gave Eve another son,
On whom his blessing came upon,
Their offspring seemed to serve the Lord,
And to give heed unto his word.

Hence there two Kingdoms now were formed,
The one for good, the other harm.
The one served God, the other not,
But seemed his precepts to forget.

Yet they had many daughters fair
Which seen and loved by good men were,
Who did partake of them for wives.
This made a change upon their lives.

So that all flesh became corrupt,
And from the earth a cry went up,
Which vengeance brought upon the head
Of those who from the right had fled.

But there was one who did do right,
Noah, who served the King of Light,
Therefore found grace in his King's eye,
Who did resolve he should not die.

But him and his posterity
Their life should be to them a prey,
When he all others should destroy,
They all the earth should then enjoy.

For on the earth he'd bring a flood,
And sweep from thence the foes of God
But in an ark would Noah save
Upon the bosom of the wave.

Thus he declared, and thus he done,
A flood of water brought he on
The earth, that swept from off its face
All but what in the Ark were placed.

That they might stock the earth again,
He therefore did let them remain.
And unto them his blessing give,
Saying, multiply, replenish, live.

And so they all the earth possessed,
And by their King were saved and blessed.
Who gave unto them his command,
And said they might possess the land,
And eat the fruits thereof and live,
And to his word adherence give.

But all their offspring did not so,
As previously we let you know.
For some did right and others wrong,
As time did thus advance along.

Now some of these we here might name,
Who were of great renown and fame.
And did great wonders in their day,
Some for the right, some the wrong way.

The first of note that we can name,
Was Nimrod, of the race of Ham,
Who did become a mighty man,
And ruled as king upon the land.

A mighty hunter called was he
Before the Lord, as you may see,
By looking in the King's record,
Which doth declare his holy word.

The founding of his Kingdom were
Babel in the land of Shinar,
Including other places too,
Which probably he did subdue.

That he was mighty, we're assured
By reading in King Alpha's word.
But what did constitute his power
Of that we are not made so sure.

But some attempt for to express,
It did consist in wickedness.
But as true greatness cannot be
Connected with iniquity.

Therefore we claim they have no right
For so to speak of Nimrod's might,
As it is left upon record
He mighty was before the Lord.

And for his might to associate
With Alpha's name, who is so great,
If wrong his might did constitute,
'Twould seem King Alpha's name to pollute.

Therefore we can't agree with them,
To couple wickedness with his name.
So Nimrod then might have been good,
And for the cause of Alpha stood.

What was called Shinar long ago,
It's thought is China, and if so,
To Nimrod's due for bringing forth
The largest nation now on earth.

Whose government has longer stood
Than any nation since the flood.
So then this people of Ham's race
There's none so numerous on earth's face.

Which speaks not ill of this same race
On whom is piled so much disgrace.
But history, sacred nor profane,
Those who do so will not sustain.

The next great man that's on record,
A special friend was of the Lord,
Whose name was called Abraham,
And he adored King Alpha's name.

He was a mighty man of war,
His name was known near and far.
He for his King did bravely fight,
And put his enemies to flight.

And he believed in every word
'Twas spoke unto him by the Lord.
In this his power did consist,
And this was termed Righteousness.

Therefore he was called Alpha's friend,
On whom he fully could depend.
In all things which he did command,
This Abraham did firmly stand.

For having one beloved son
On whom his heart was set upon,
And him King Alpha told to slay,
Wherefore prepared he to obey.

But while he was preparing to,
And in his hand the weapon drew
For to despatch his dearest son
On whom his heart was set upon,

The King from heaven called his name,
Saying, Stay thy hand now, Abraham.
This act proves thy regard for me,
And that thou fear'st me now I see.

Therefore thou shall be greatly blessed,
And of the things of life possessed,
Also thy seed shall numerous be,
And all mankind be blessed in thee.

And Lot lived also in his day
Who did to the same sovereign pray,
And was a soldier in his cause,
And subject was unto his laws.

Therefore he was delivered, when
King Alpha did from heaven send
Fire and brimstone on his foes,
Who stubbornly did his will oppose.

So Sodom and Gomorrah, too,
He by these weapons did subdue,
But brought Lot out in safety,
And also part of his family.

But Lot's frail wife, who disobeyed,
On her also was vengeance laid,
And she was caused for to halt,
And did become a pillar of salt.

Isaac and Jacob, too, we'd name,
The sons of faithful Abraham,
Who, like their father, loved the Lord,
And did obey and keep his word.

Of Jacob much is on record,
And how he wrestled with the Lord.
And was so loth to let him go
Till he a blessing would bestow.

He had twelve sons, and from them came
A nation, Israel called by name,
Which to their father had been given
By his great King who lives in heaven.

Now their descendants seemed also
The King their Father serve to know,
And to his word many gave heed,
And called on him in time of need.

Now they in Egypt had been sent,
Into which land they also went,
And then continued many a day,
And often to their King would pray.

Now they increased in Egypt's land,
And were oppressed by Pharaoh's hand,
Who bound them down in slavery,
Therefore they cried to be made free.

And King Alpha their cries did hear,
And for their help did soon appear.
And called on Moses for to go,
That he should let King Pharaoh know

That there was one more great than he,
Who had resolved to set them free.
At first he hardened his heart,
Unwilling to let them depart.

But punishments on him were sent,
Which often caused him to repent.
But full as oft he'd hardened be,
He was so loth to set them free.

At length King Alpha gave command,
That there be slain in Egypt's land
The first born in each family,
'Twas then he let Israel go free.

Moses and Aaron led them on
To the Red Sea, its banks upon.
Then Israel began to fear
As Pharaoh followed in the rear.

Then Moses said, Stand still and see,
That God this day will set you free.
For Pharaoh and his host you'll never
See them after this day forever.

And then by the command of God,
Moses was bid to stretch his rod,
Which, when he did, the sea gave way,
And Israel marched through that day.

And when that they the sea had crossed,
Again he stretched, and Pharaoh's host
Was drowned in the mighty flood,
Who dared pursue the friends of God.

Then Israel sang most joyfully,
When they perceived that they were free.
But time would fail to tell of all
That did the Israelites befall.

Therefore I must cut short and say
They from the right way oft did stray.
And oft the heart of Moses grieved
Through stubborness and unbelief.

Though he gave them a good command,
Which he received from God's own hand.
They this command did not obey,
But transgressed it from day to day.

At length the good man Moses died,
On Joshua then the burden laid,
Who led them across Jordan's flood,
To the land 'twas promised them by God.

And there they often did rebel,
How often time would fail to tell,
But yet there always some were true,
And in the right way did pursue.

But as their names so numerous are,
We'll to the King's book you refer,
In which you'll find their acts and deeds
Which at your leisure you may read.

As we have not attempted here
To point out each one who they are.
But that there always some would fight
Against the wrong and for the right.

But time would fail to tell of all
That did to many men befall.
How some did faithfully serve the Lord,
And others disobeyed his word.

But many came and many went,
At length his Son the Father sent
On earth to pay the debt of man,
And lay for them the gospel plan.

As we are limited in space,
We are therefore compelled to haste.
And so we will but hit and miss,
Take some of that and some of this.

Now to return to the great Son,
Who on our earth had come upon,
For to assail hell and the grave,
And from their power his people save.

The tyrant Death for to subdue,
And thereby bring his people through,
And having suffered in their stead,
He would them unto victory lead.

For this he came and did complete,
And then went up and took his seat
Upon his throne at the right side
Of his great Father, to provide

For all his faithful followers who,
Like him, shall fight their passage through
And having overcome, shall rest
Forever in his presence blessed.

Now he had left a chosen band
To blow the trump throughout the land,
Also to call for volunteers
Who would take part in these great wars.

In blowing they had great success,
For many to their ranks did press.
And valiant fought until they fell
Warring 'gainst powers of earth and hell.

And others still did them succeed,
For in their cause did many bleed,
And many a mighty hero fell
Contending with the powers of hell.

Yet none the less the Army of Light
Continued able for the fight,
And in the various regiments
There many valiant heroes went.

And they a mighty General had,
The Comforter, who them did lead.
On many a well-fought battle field,
In which the foe was forced to yield.

And Alpha's army did prevail,
And did the powers of hell assail.
Wher'er they quartered on the earth,
His valiant army did go forth.

But sometimes through some leader's fault,
Some regiments were forced to halt.
For letting enemies creep in,
They thereby were inclined to sin.

But time would fail to tell of all
Who thus from steadfastness did fall,
Or to describe the reason why
So many souls were doomed to die.

In every quarter of the earth,
And in that too which gave us birth,
These enemies have oft crept in,
And caused some to yield to sin.

Now as their number is so great,
We cannot them enumerate.
But lift our voice against them all,
The high, the low, the great, the small.

For in the various places where
Are marshalled soldiers for the war,
There's many stands for to oppose
The army as it onward goes.

There's Mr. Pride, also Illwill,
And Prejudice remaining still,
Though oft attacked they have been,
They still sustain the cause of sin.

There's many more that just like them
In the same cause support the same,
And stand opposed to what is right,
And against which they strongly fight.

And in what's termed America,
They still remain unto this day
Battling for Abadon's evil cause
'Gainst Alpha's just and righteous laws.

Though we have written much upon
The wickedness that here is done,
Yet there is much we still might say
Of what occurs in these our days.

Formality, a mighty foe,
Has now crept in the army too,
And robs it of that mighty power,
That Satan use to flee before.

And did the powers of earth subdue,
And chase the foe and him pursue,
And would no quarters to them give,
Nor suffer them at all to live.

But now they with these friends do make
And closely in their bosom take
Those enemies to the King of Light,
They do not now against them fight.

Unto the world they now conform,
Instead they should the world transform
Unto the image of his Son,
The great and the almighty One.

The praise of men there's many love
More than they do the things above,
And on these things their hearts are set,
So that they nobler things forget.

The maxims of the world they crave,
And fashions thereof some will have
Regardless of what they may cost,
They'll have them if their soul's lost.

And some who in the front do stand,
They do not keep the King's command.
And though they stand in a high place,
Their acts bring on the cause disgrace.

They in their dealings partial are,
For while to some they're most severe,
There's others they do always screen,
As though their fault could not be seen.

And some good men they trample down
Beneath their feet upon the ground,
And bad men they're exalted high,
And lifted up on to the sky.

In offices of trust they're put,
And better men are oft kept out.
Yea, they support such wicked things,
Yet say they're servants of the King.

To make these things more plain, we'll say,
These things are done in this our day
By men who do the highest stand
In church, and should keep the command.

Now these are stumbling blocks indeed,
The men we say who thus proceed.
They are unworthy of the place
They occupy, and it disgrace.

No matter what pretext they have,
'Twill not from this decision save,
Nor screen them from the wrath of God,
Who in these wicked ways have trod.

Some say they obligations have,
Which bind them for some men to save
In preference unto some others,
Seeing that they are pledged as brothers.

Now, if this really is the fact
That Christian men form such compact,
They bind themselves to not do right,
And sin against the King of Light.

Yea, they do form a league with hell,
Which if they keep, they there must dwell.
For it conflicts with God's command,
And how can those who break it stand?

When he doth come to judge all men,
Nothing but justice will stand then.
To persons he has no respect,
And all that's wrong he will reject.

And injustice is surely wrong,
And does not to his Church belong.
So they who use partiality
The King and them cannot agree.

Then men of God, come, flee these things,
Which on the Church such evil brings,
And do your part to keep her pure,
That she in judgment may endure.

The scrutiny of Alpha's eye
Before whom all things open lie,
That when he comes the Judge severe,
She then may stand approved and clear.

As she the army is of Light,
She thus must be prepared to fight.
And stand when comes the great review,
When all the warfare has got through.

Therefore let every regiment
Endeavor to be diligent,
And be prepared to meet the foe
When to the battle they must go.

For a great war is coming on,
The precise time is known to none,
Except the King of Light alone.
To all others it is unknown.

For so his word doth plainly say
The coming of the trying day
Will be as comes a thief at night,
And so will come the King of Light.

To lead his army to the fight,
Which shall defeat the powers of night.
For victory shall be achieved
By those who have his word believed.

Therefore when men attempt to say
That they may know the very day,
They contradict the Word of God,
And such their words have never stood.

For some to know the time pretend,
When surely there will come the end.
But past experience makes it plain,
That all such pretences are vain.

And proves the truth of the record
That's given to us by the Lord,
Which he in mercy did provide,
That it should always be our guide.

Now as we've come down to our day,
We must therefore pursue our way,
And complete what we have began,
Concerning of the sons of men.

So to the army we return,
Which yet has many things to learn,
To perfect her in everything
That she may stand before the King.

When he doth come to take command,
That each may in his station stand,
And also be in perfect drill,
And every order may fulfill.

And may have the whole armor on,
That he may say to them well done,
Come, follow me, to meet the foe,
For to the battle we must go.

Now, the attack will be severe,
When comes this long expected war.
For all the force on either side
Will meet, the contest to decide.

The number there's no man can tell,
For it will be innumerable.
And Abadon will do his best
To overcome in this contest.

His coming will be very fierce,
As men and means will not be scarce,
He'll come up strongly fortified,
To see if he can turn the tide

Of battle, to maintain the ground,
And then for to encamp thereon,
And hold it as his own domain,
That he might boast of his great gain.

For well he knows if he is beat,
His overthrow will be complete.
Therefore he'll strive with might and main,
To see if he the field can gain.

That Abadon is no weak foe,
This formerly we let you know.
And how long since he first began
His attacks on the sons of men.

This being near six thousand years,
He can't but know the arts of war.
His officers are veterans too,
And will do all that they can do

Themselves and him for to sustain,
But all their efforts will be vain.
For Alpha's army will prevail,
For while he leads, it cannot fail.

And them that's in his army are
Valiant, and must be men of war.
For he no other men will have
But them he knows are true and brave.

And the whole armor must have on,
For them to be relied upon.
Therefore unless they this have got,
They'll be by him accepted not.

Now therefore you who soldiers are,
And have enlisted for the war,
To fight until the battle's o'er,
You must put on the whole armor.

For it will be required when you
Shall have to meet this dreadful foe.
For when that evil day comes on,
You'll need to have the armor on.

For all the artillery of hell
Against you then he will level.
Therefore, soldiers, do all to stand,
For this you know is God's command.

And surely by our doing so,
We'll able be to beat the foe,
And drive him from the battle ground,
And then we'll pitch our tents thereon.

And wait till we receive command
To march to Sion's happy land.
Now when we're formed in rank and file,
They will reach many a thousand miles.

In length, all dressed in armor bright.
'Twill be a very pretty sight.
When music all begins to play,
I think the saints will shout that day.

And when to Zion we have come
To make that city now our home,
Our General who will ride before,
Will give command to ope the door.

The gates shall then be open wide
For to receive King Alpha's bride.
For so the army he will style,
Which fought for him so long a while.

And when that they have entered in,
Their happiness shall just begin.
There they shall rest a thousand years,
And be set free from doubts and fears.

For all their foes shall conquered be,
And they no more shall sorrow see.
And long together they will dwell,
Most joyful news they each will tell.

For all who faithful lived before,
They then shall meet to part no more.
But wlth King Alpha they shall reign
A thousand years on earth remain.

For all that time is Satan bound,
So that he can't come on the ground.
But when he has that long remained
In prison, he'll be loosed again.

And will go out for to deceive
Those who refused thus to believe
Who Gog and Magog have been termed,
And who from earth had been extermed.

Whose number is as the seas' sand,
Them he will bring up on the land
For to attack the saints of God,
But him and them shall be destroyed.

For Alpha will from heaven shower
Fire which shall them all devour.
And Abadon who them so deceived,
In a lake of fire shall be received.

Where others of his comrades are,
From which they shall come out no more,
But dwell while endless ages last
By infinite power they'll be held fast.

But all the children of the Light
Shall be arrayed in garments bright,
And shall forever, happy be
All the days of eternity.

And in the New Jerusalem
Will be their everlasting home.
Their happiness will be complete,
When they with all they love shall meet.

All things being now created new,
But I need not describe to you
The glories of that heavenly place,
Where they shall see their Father's face.

As we to you described above
The pleasures of that world of love,
In which I hope that we shall meet,
And ground our arms at Jesus' feet.

Adieu. Your brother in Christ, L. D. B.

P. S. If life lasts, I may address you again, the Lord willing. Amen.