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Main : Parental : Mothers : Mother's Day

A Mother's Hug  (by: Agnes M)
For years I had watched mothers hug and kiss their children andI was envious. I hadn't received a mothers hug or known a mother's love.
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All I Really Wanted To Say  (by: Jim Nasium)
Who is this woman I am talking to
she makes no sense to me
she's not as strong or active
as she used to be.
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Geraniums of Love  (by: Harriet Xanthakos)
With a sweet sense of deja vu, I helped my little sister hide that geranium on the upstairs neighbor's porch, assuring her that our mother would not find it before Mother's Day.
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May God Bless the Mothers of Littleton  (by: Dr. James L. Wilson)
Out of respect for the dead, Marilyn Manson canceled his singing engagements for the rest of the year. The National Rifle Association shortened its convention in Denver and a television network pulled a show from its lineup that had a school shooting in Denver as the story line.
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To Mother  (by: Philip Mattox)
You Brought us up all our life
Showing us wrong from right
There was times I was upset
But I know now it was good sense.
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