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Best Kind of Love, The  (by: Annette Paxman Bowen)
I have a friend who is falling in love. She honestly claims the sky is bluer. Mozart moves her to tears. She has lost 15 pounds and looks like a cover girl.
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Bracelet Promise, The  (by: Carmen Leal-Pock)
The glitter of green stones drew me to the solitary display case. The light bounced off the silver and glass. Amidst the jumble of holiday shoppers, I made my way to the corner area reserved for fine jewelry and gazed upon the bracelet, noticing the unique handiwork.
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Gift of the Magic, The  (by: O.Henry)
A story is told about a young married couple whose names are Jim and Della. They are poor but very much in love with each other.
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I'll Never Understand My Wife  (by: Steven James)
I'll never understand my wife. The day she moved in with me, she started opening and closing my kitchen cabinets, gasping, "You don't have any shelf paper! We're going to have to get some shelf paper in here before I move my dishes in."
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Little Voice Inside, A  (by: Rhonda Elliott)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet someone who reflected your own thoughts, hopes, wishes, dreams and desires? Recently, I found out. This very experience happened to me and touched my heart in such a powerful way my life was forever changed.
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Love Secret  (by: Anthony de Mello, SJ)
A newly married couple said, "What shall we do to make our love endure?"
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Max  (by: LeeAnn Morris)
"Merry Christmas Carol" Bernadette told her friend and co-worker of twenty years. It had never occurred to Bernadette to buy Carol a Christmas present, they'd been working together for so long that it was understood that it wasn't necessary.
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Small Gift, The  (by: Author Unknown)
Reverend Chalfant tells of a couple who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. The husband was asked what the secret was to his successful marriage. As the elderly are wont to do, the old gentleman answered with a story.
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Thelma  (by: Shari Smith)
Even at the age of 75, Thelma was very vivacious and full of life. When her husband passed away, her children suggested that she move to a "senior living community." A gregarious and life-loving person, Thelma decided to do so.
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