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Main : Life

Life is an Echo  (by: Author Unknown)
A son and his father were walking in the mountains. Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams: "AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
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Life is Like a Cafetaria  (by: Burn G)
A friend's grandfather came to America from Eastern Europe. After being processed at Ellis Island, he went into a cafetaria in lower Manhattan to get something to eat. He sat down at an empty table and waited for someone to take his order. Of course nobody did.
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Life Over Death  (by: Author Unknown)
Late one Saturday night, a pastor was putting the final touches on his sermon for Sunday morning.
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Life Worth Living?, A  (by: Author Unknown)
A man risked his life by swimming through the treacherous rip-tide to save a youngster being swept out to sea. After the child recovered from the harrowing experience, he said to the man, "Thank you for saving my life."
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Little Boy Asks the Meaning of Life, The  (by: Author Unknown)
An eight-year-old boy approached an old man in front of a wishing well, looked up into his eyes, and asked: "I understand you're a very wise man. I'd like to know the secret of life."
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Live or Work  (by: Author Unknown)
Father was a hardworking man who delivered bread as a living to support his wife and three children. He spent all his evenings after work attending classes, hoping to improve himself so that he could one day find a better paying job. Except for Sundays, Father hardly ate a meal together with his family.
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Lonely Ember, The  (by: Author Unknown)
A member of a certain church, who previously had been attending services regularly, stopped going. After a few weeks, the pastor decided to visit him.
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Morality  (by: Anthony de Mello, SJ)
The disciples would frequently be absorbed in questions of right and wrong. Sometimes the answer would be evident enough. Sometimes it was elusive.
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Nature's Gift To Me  (by: Dee Ann E. L. Horvath)
The first snow fall's elation has long pastThe gray dreary days of winter seem to last and lastI miss the warmth of the sun on my skinAnd the smell in the air when Spring begins
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Never Wait to Thank  (by: Evans)
For a long time, every Sunday in church the pastor would say keep Gloria Beck in your prayers. She was an older member of the church that was suffering from cancer. I got sort of use to hearing about her, and didn't think about her to much.
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