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Main : Parental : Fathers : Father's Day

Beaming  (by: Poppy)
He walks into the room and everybody looks his way,
He is a handsome older man, with just a touch of gray.
He carries himself perfect, with an air of elegance,
Not proud or arrogant like some, that makes the difference.
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Daddy's Little Angel  (by: Kari Elsik)
I am 24 years old and I am extremely proud to say that I am still and always will be just that, Daddy's Little Girl. We are thick as thieves. We are buddies and best friends. He is all the security that I will ever need. I feel like we are the closest daddy and daughter on thisentire planet.
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Full Circle  (by: Marisol L. Verallo)
When I got married over two decades ago, I always visualized having at least three or four children. Sweet, cuddly daughters and fine young sons who would give us happiness and light up our lives. I assumed that with my husband's brains and disposition coupled with my zest for life, we would raise dynamite kids.
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Gifts on Father's Day  (by: Mary A. Aversano)
On December 5, 1998, my son, Jeffrey was in a serious auto accident. He was left a quadrapalegic. From the moment he left ICU, he has shown incredible strength of character and a spirit that has touched everyone he meets.
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Missing Dad  (by: Jo Ann Parker)
When I look at the people
Who are part of my life
They've all made contributions,
But ... something isn't right.
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True Father  (by: AngelOHara)
Yesterday, Miranda, my four year old daughter, came up to me and said "It's Father's Day."
"Yes, I know" I said. I had to smile.
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