Famous Rig Veda Quotes

Listed in: Inspirational Quotes

On Life:

The real happiness of life is in doing ‘karma’.

On Happiness:

The first form of happiness is sound health, one should partake nutritious, balanced food to keep the body healthy. So it is essential to maintain the health of the mind and body simultaneously.

On Success:

The main factor behind success is – self control.

When one works with his whole heart, mind and soul, success is definite to come.

On Knowledge:

An ignorant person can never attain knowledge unless the flame of knowledge is enkindled in his mind.

Acquiring knowledge is one thing but if it is not translated into action then there is no use of such knowledge.

Knowledge is also the giver of wealth or rather wealth is the by-product of knowledge.

Knowledge is the most important thing without which one can not achieve his goal.