Famous Granth Sahib Quotes

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On Love:

In intuitive balance, love is balanced and detached. In the state of intuitive balance, peace and tranquility are produced. Without intuitive balance, life is useless.

This mind is enticed by Maya – it cannot see or hear. Without seeing her Husband Lord, love does not well up what can the blind person do

The shop-keepers collect poison, sitting in their shops, carrying on their business. Their love is false, their displays are false, and they are engrossed in falsehood.

Gazing upon the tiny bodies of your children, love has welled up within your heart you are proud of them, but you do not understand.

When the time comes to settle their accounts, their red robes are corrupt. His Love is not obtained through hypocrisy. Her false coverings bring only ruin.

The True Guru has led me to meet Him, and now I dwell in the Fear of God. O Nanak, His Love is always with me.

The Lord’s Love is with me, but it cannot be seen.

Her marriage is eternal her Husband is Inaccessible and Incomprehensible. O Servant Nanak, His Love is her only Support.

On Life:

In intuitive balance, love is balanced and detached. In the state of intuitive balance, peace and tranquility are produced. Without intuitive balance, life is useless.

When the body falls, the play of life is over what shall be the condition of the evil-doers then

The empty body is dreadful, when the soul goes out from within. The burning fire of life is extinguished, and the smoke of the breath no longer emerges. The five relatives (the senses) weep and wail painfully, and waste away through the love of duality.

The body is wild, and the mind is foolish. Practicing egotism, selfishness and conceit, your life is passing away.

The blessing of this human life has been obtained, but still, people do not lovingly focus their thoughts on the Name of the Lord. Their feet slip, and they cannot stay here any longer. And in the next world, they find no place of rest at all. This opportunity shall not come again. In the end, they depart, regretting and repenting.

My breath of life is in Your Power, God my soul and body are totally Yours.

The fire of doubt is not extinguished, even by wandering through foreign lands and countries. If inner filth is not removed, one’s life is cursed, and one’s clothes are cursed. There is no other way to perform devotional worship, except through the Teachings of the True Guru.

The day dawns, and then it ends, and the night passes away. Man’s life is diminishing, but he does not understand. Each day, the mouse of death is gnawing away at the rope of life.

Not a moment or an instant’s delay is permitted, when one’s measure of life is full. By Guru’s Grace, one comes to know the True One, and is absorbed into Him.

My Beloved Husband Lord is deep within my heart. How can I see Him In the Sanctuary of the Saints, O Nanak, the Support of the breath of life is found.

You may practice chanting, penance and austere self-discipline within your mind, but without the Name, life is useless.

To love the Lotus Feet of the Lord – this way of life has come into the minds of His Saints.

The mother thinks that her son is growing up she does not understand that, day by day, his life is diminishing.

If you remember the Lord in meditation for a moment, even for an instant, then your life will become fruitful and prosperous.

My life has been lost, wasted in vain I am totally miserable O Baba Nanak, no one cares for me at all

Life is useless, as long as one does not know the Lord God.

On Death:

In the poise of intuitive balance, death is destroyed, entering the Sanctuary of the True One.

When the body is filled with ego and selfishness, the cycle of birth and death does not end.

True is the Master, and True is His Name. By Guru’s Grace, I meditate forever on Him. The fear of birth and death has been dispelled emotional attachment, sorrow and suffering have been erased.

The first watch of the night passes away in worthless affairs, and the second passes in deep sleep. In the third, they babble nonsense, and when the fourth watch comes, the day of death has arrived. The thought of the One who bestows body and soul never enters the mind.

Meeting with the True Guru, you shall not have to go through the cycle of reincarnation again the pains of birth and death will be taken away.

When the Lord grants His Mercy, the fear of death is conquered.

Whatever is in harmony with His Will, he accepts as True the noose of Death is loosened from around his neck

Think of the Lord No one knows this secret, of when the Messenger of Death will seize you and take you away. All your weeping and wailing then is false. In an instant, you become a stranger. You obtain exactly what you have longed for. Says Nanak, in the fourth watch of the night, O mortal, the Grim Reaper has harvested your field.

The Messenger of Death will not touch you in this way, you shall cross over the terrifying world-ocean, carrying others across with you.

The day dawns, and then it ends, and the night passes away. Man’s life is diminishing, but he does not understand. Each day, the mouse of death is gnawing away at the rope of life.

One cannot break free from the bondage of loving attachment, and so the Messenger of Death will torture you

Meeting with the humble beings, O Siblings of Destiny, the Messenger of Death is conquered.

Meditating, meditating, meditating in remembrance on Him, singing His Glorious Praises, the noose of death is cut away.

Hearing lord’s Name, the Messenger of Death will release you, and yet, you do not enter His Sanctuary

Death, O Mullah – death will come, so live in the Fear of God the Creator.

Death is pre-ordained – no one who comes can remain here. So chant and meditate on the Lord, and remain in the Sanctuary of the Lord.

Death does not even approach the Lord’s servant.

On Happiness:

The rain has fallen I have found the Transcendent Lord God. All beings and creatures dwell in peace. Suffering has been dispelled, and true happiness has dawned, as we meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

Happiness is obtained, and sorrow runs far away, when the Saints chant the Lord’s Name. The sea, the dry land, and the lakes are filled with the Water of the Lord’s Name no place is left empty.

O Nanak, without the Name, everything is painful, and happiness is forgotten.

On Greed:

Without the Guru, intuitive wisdom does not come, and the filth of greed does not depart from within.

Greed is a dog falsehood is a filthy street-sweeper.

On Fear:

In fear we are born, and in fear we die. Fear is always present in the mind.

On Knowledge:

How can I describe the Glories of the Saints Their knowledge is unfathomable their limits cannot be known.

On God:

He Himself is the Great Banker God is our Lord and Master. I am His petty merchant. My mind, body and soul are all Your capital assets. You, O God, are the True Banker of servant Nanak.

God has erected the temple of the body He has placed the nine doors, and the soul-bride sits within. She enjoys the sweet play again and again, while the five demons are plundering her.

For His sake, you assumed this body see God always with you. God is pervading the water, the land and the sky He sees all with His Glance of Grace.

This world is a garden, and my Lord God is the Gardener. He always takes care of it – nothing is exempt from His Care.

The Palace of the Lord God is so beautiful. Within it, there are gems, rubies, pearls and flawless diamonds. A fortress of gold surrounds this Source of Nectar. How can I climb up to the Fortress without a ladder By meditating on the Lord, through the Guru, I am blessed and exalted.

O Siblings of Destiny, God is my Friend and Companion. Emotional attachment to children and spouse is poison in the end, no one will go along with you as your helper.

To praise You is to follow Your Command and Your Will. That which pleases You is spiritual wisdom and meditation. That which pleases God is chanting and meditation to be in harmony with His Will is perfect spiritual wisdom.

His Value cannot be estimated. The Lord God is my Friend and Companion.

God is Wise, Giving, Tender-hearted, Pure, Beautiful and Infinite. He is our Companion and Helper, Supremely Great, Lofty and Utterly Infinite. He is not known as young or old His Court is Steady and Stable. Whatever we seek from Him, we receive. He is the Support of the unsupported.

Through His Light, God is revealed. Without the True Guru, understanding is not obtained. The True Guru comes to meet those who have such pre-ordained destiny.

The Supreme Lord God has unleashed the rain clouds. Over the sea and over the land – over all the earth’s surface, in all directions, He has brought the rain. Peace has come, and the thirst of all has been quenched there is joy and ecstasy everywhere.

The desire for the worldly drama arises in the intellect, but even with thousands of clever mental tricks, the heat of the Fear of God does not come into play.

My God is pervading and permeating all places.

Inwardly and outwardly, the Lord God is always with us. Fear, dread and doubt have been dispelled by the Perfect Guru now, I see God everywhere.

Night and day, they remain in the Love of the One. They know that God is always with them. They make the Name of their Lord and Master their way of life they are satisfied and fulfilled with the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan.

God is the Breath of Life of my soul, the Support of my mind. His devotees live by singing the Glorious Praises of the Infinite Lord.

O my mind, God is always with you He is your Lord and Master. Tell me, where could you run to get away from the Lord

Everyone says that God is the Greatest of the Great. No one calls Him any less. No one can estimate His Worth. By speaking of Him, His Greatness is not increased. You are the One True Lord and Master of all the other beings, of so many worlds.

We are His, and from Him, we receive our rewards. Showering His Mercy upon us, God has united us with Him.

The Perfect Transcendent Lord is spiritual wisdom and meditation. God is All-powerful to do all things.

The mind has become attached to the pleasures of houses, palaces, horses and other enjoyments. The Lord God does not even enter his thoughts how can he be saved, O my Lord King

My God is forever Immaculate and Pure with a pure mind, He can be found.

You may act in secrecy, but God is still with you you can only deceive other people.

Taking hold of my hand, O Nanak, my Beloved God will not let me be swallowed up by the world-ocean.

Playful is my Lord of the Universe playful is my Beloved. My Lord God is wondrous and playful.

My God is Immaculate, Inaccessible and Infinite. Without a scale, He weighs the universe.

The Immortal Lord God has come to dwell within my heart. Nanak sings the songs of joy to the Lord.

God is overflowing with all powers. I have no honor – He is my resting place.