Famous Friedrich Muller Quotes

Listed in: Inspirational Quotes

On Life:

As life is dear to oneself, it is dear also to other living beings by comparing oneself with others, good people bestow pity on all beings.

Life is easy to live for a man who is without shame, a crow hero, a mischief-maker, an insulting, bold, and wretched fellow.

But life is hard to live for a modest man, who always looks for what is pure, who is disinterested, quiet, spotless, and intelligent.

Keep noble friends whose life is pure, and who are not slothful.

On Death:

The king of death does not see him who thus looks down upon the world.

Sons are no help, nor a father, nor relations there is no help from kinsfolk for one whom death has seized.

On reaching immortality, the dominion of death is overcome.

Not in the sky, not in the midst of the sea, not if we enter into the clefts of the mountains, is there known a spot in the whole world where death could not overcome (the mortal).

On Happiness:

He who seeking his own happiness does not punish or kill beings who also long for happiness, will find happiness after death.

On Knowledge:

If his peace of mind is troubled, his knowledge will never be perfect.

A man who has learnt little, grows old like an ox his flesh grows, but his knowledge does not grow.

On Christianity:

Christianity is a missionary religion, converting, advancing, aggressive, encompassing the world a non-missionary church is in the bands of death