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Main : Religions & Spirituality : Christianity : Easter's Day

Dear Mothers  (by: Poppy)
I raised Him as a good boy, taught Him well, all through His life.
I tried to do the best I could, as a Mother and a wife.
His Step-Dad was a good man, taught Him well in every way,
And treated Him as his own son, until His dying day
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Death Is Life  (by: Poppy)
Death is life, and life is death, how odd a mystery.
God, Himself, became a man for everyone to see.
Life is more than food and drink, or striving to obtain.
If....in life, that's all there is, existence is insane.
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Easter Awakening  (by: Poppy)
Early Easter morning,
All my children ran downstairs.
Looking for their baskets,
That we hid behind the chairs.
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Easter Faithfulness  (by: Poppy)
We lived out in the country, fifty miles from a big town.
We had a little church, for all of us who lived around.
The minister was part time and came every other week,
So when he came, we all would go to hear the preacher speak.
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Easter Sunrise  (by: Poppy)
Starring at her gravestone,
At the break of day.
On my weekly visit,
Since she passed away.
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Gift of the Gods, The  (by: Renee R. Vroman)
It was a warm summer day when the gods placed it in her hands. She trembled with emotion as she saw how fragile it appeared. This was a very special gift the gods were entrusting to her.
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I Saw It  (by: Poppy)
Easter morning I awoke, still filled with all my doubt.
The others were confused, and scared, of how it all turned out.
All our plans and dreams were gone, our future looking bleak.
Everything we had hoped for, with nothing left to seek.
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Wooden Reminder  (by: Poppy)
Some people think we worship,
An old rugged, wooden cross.
They laugh at us and say it was,
The way they killed our boss.
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