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Boomerangs  (by: Mark Hansen)
I drew my arm back and with a flick of the wrist let the boomerang fly. It was out of my control. To an observer it may have appeared to be attached to a string I held, for it banked to the left and carved out a circle heading back towards me.
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Miss of Love, The  (by: Troy David Bowden)
The miss of a lost love can darken the soul. Wishing to see her in the moonlight or day can cause pain and it does in my heart. Her walk was of a God and her eyes were of the dove. Lost am I in this world without her. Her touch her sound the kiss of forever and the words that came to be.
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My Love  (by: David Osborne)
My Love,
You've asked what you can send me while I'm on cruise; those things which I want but cannot get while on the ship thousands of miles away. The list was fairly easy to write. I suspect that it won't be so easy to fill the order.
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Perfect Gift, The  (by: Joseph M. Rebecky (Wayne, New Jersey))
As a young child I can always remember rushing down the steps on Christmas morning and looking around the tree for the biggest box. I always believed that within the biggest box lied the most expensive and best gift.
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Second Time Around, The  (by: Pat)
At the age of 18, I married for the first time. After almost 24 years of tumultuous havoc that nearly cost me my life, that marriage ended in divorce.
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The Lovers  (by: Daniel James)
Since my wife is away visiting family, I have taken time toexplore some new hiking trails. This day my selection isa grove of old growth western red cedars.
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Things You Didn't Do  (by: Author Unknown)
Remember the day I borrowed your brand new car and I dented it?
I thought you'd kill me but you didn't.
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