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Christian Buddha  (by: Author Unknown)
One of master Gasan's monks visited the university in Tokyo. When he returned, he asked the master if he had ever read the Christian Bible.
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Christian Poem  (by: Author Unknown)
Sometimes I ask the question,"My Lord, is this your will?"It's then I hear you answer me,"My Precious Child...be still."
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Cleaning: A Good Time To Think  (by: Anne Russell)
I made good use of my time today. My husband was gone for the morning and I thought, "Goodtime to clean through the house." I had read the Daily devotional first thing, as I always do, and it was on cleaning the bathroom.
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Come as You Are  (by: Author Unknown)
I shook my head in disbelief. This couldn't be the right place. After all, I couldn't possibly be welcome here. I had been given an invitation several times, by several different people, and had finally decided to see what this place was all about. But, this just couldn't be the right place. Quickly, I glanced down at the invitation that clutched in my hand. I scanned past the words, "Come as you are. No jacket required," and found the location.
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Control of Your Heart  (by: Terri McPherson)
A wise and understanding heart does not repay a hurt witha hurt. In doing so, the heart is diminished. Fissures form.Love leaks out. Every pain given in return for one received,changes the contents of the heart.
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Daddy Is Driving  (by: Author Unknown)
A speaker (Dr. Wan) has once shared his experience: While his family and he were in Europe, there was once that they need to drive 3 days continuously, day and night, to get to Germany. So, they all got into the car -- he, his wife, and his 3 years old daughter.
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Darrell Scott's Testimony  (by: Author Unknown)
Testimony of Darrell Scott -- father of two victims of Columbine high school shooting -- Littleton, Colorado before the subcommittee on crime -- House Judiciary Committee -- United States House of Representatives, Thursday, May 27,1999 2:00 p.m. -- 2141 Rayburn House Office Building.
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Darts  (by: Author Unknown)
A young lady named Sally, relates an experience she had in a Seminary Class,given by her teacher, Dr. Smith. She says Dr. Smith was known for hiselaborate object lessons.
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Depend on Miracles  (by: Author Unknown)
One Sunday morning I heard my minister say if you want result from prayer, pray for thirty days without ceasing. I didn't know why it was thirty days, but I was willing to give it a try.
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Do Not Forget  (by: Michael Steckel Fairbanks)
With the work I do I use mathematics a bit. When I moved I lost my calculator so I had to purchase a new one. I bought a model that I thought could handle the calculations that I needed to do. This calculator has direct algebra input.
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