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Obstacle, The  (by: Author Unknown)
A mother was convinced that her wayward son would become a Christian. She pleaded with him to come to the faith. She sent him little cards with Bible verses on, tapes with sermons, spiritual books, but all to no avail.
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Patience in Prayer  (by: Joe Gatuslao)
When the idea is not right, God says, "NO".
No - when the idea is not the best.
No - when the idea is absolutely wrong.
No - when though it may help you,
It would create problems for someone else.
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Prayer  (by: Author Unknown)
Prayer comes from a restless heart
Listen To its flare
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Prayer That Produces  (by: Author Unknown)
A friend of mine took his small son with him one day to a familiar dinnerfor a sandwich. The father sat down on one of the stools at the counter andlifted the boy up to the seat beside him.
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Prayers  (by: Author Unknown)
Life without purpose is barren indeed
There can't be a harvest unless you plant seed
There can't be attainment unless there's a goal
And man's but a robot unless there's a soul.
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Promise in Silence  (by: Yuli)
Torn off ... the holy coat
Stained with great insult ... the glorious shield
Fallen too deep in dark valeey
Returned into the sinful life
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Rainbow After Rain  (by: Charlene R. Lagyap)
It gives me sigh of fear
When the dusk comes near;
Darkness seem to follow,
All of my good plans for tomorrow.
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Real Treasure  (by: Author Unknown)
A RICH man is lying in bed waiting for the death to come.He has spent all of his life to search for nothing but money.When he faces problem in his life, he has a principle that money can help him to get out of his problems. He really believes that money is the guarantee for him in his present life, even in the next one...
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Sometimes Life Seems Hard to Bear  (by: Author Unknown)
Sometimes life seems hard to bear,
Full of sorrow, trouble and woe
It's then we have to remember
That it's in the valleys we grow.
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Spouse from God  (by: Author Unknown)
Years ago, I asked God to give me a spouse, "You don't own because you didn't ask" God said.
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