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Adoption: The New Country of Fatherhood  (by: Mark Wilson)
I never made it to Biskek, Kyrgyzstan, but we did adopt a child whom I wouldn't trade for anything the world. And I discovered this new country of fatherhood that has become my heart's true home.
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Gift from God, A  (by: Colleen Duval)
As I held my precious boy in my arms last night to rock him to sleep, I could feel the unconditional love and trust my little angel has for me. He had his arms wrapped around me and he kissed me on the cheek, at that very moment I sensed a warm peaceful spirit.
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His Choice  (by: Barbara)
I became pregnant within three months after leaving home at 18. I was not ready to become a mother. I had just begun life on my own, so I gave my baby up for adoption.
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Met for the Second Time  (by: Author Unknown)
It started last spring when my daughter signed on to the Internet. She found it very interesting and kept asking me to try it. At age 50, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to learn what I would need to know. I kept declining.
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