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Main : Love : Friendship

For Kristin
  by: Jenna Mayer, Source Unknown

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Before I left for college, my best friend gave me this poem that she had written for me.

For Kristin

I know it's hard to leave and you don't want to say goodbye,
But you're the strongest person I know and your heart will never die.
Your bravery and strength has always boggled my mind,
And no matter where you go in the following years our friendship will
continue to bind.

You always found a way to bring out my best,
and simply for that I consider myself blessed.
Not only blessed for having you as a friend --
but blessed for knowing you'll be in it 'till the end.

Wherever you go and whatever you do,
I'll always be here to see you through.
I'll stand by your side when your heart is weak,
and I will help you to find all that you seek.

You can call on me whenever you fall,
I'll raise your spirits and help you stand tall.
When you feel scared and alone with nowhere to turn,
you can always count on me- you're my #1 concern.

We have so many memories that I know you'll never forget,
and when you think of them smile, don't ever fret.
Because no matter how near and no matter how far --
My heart is always wherever you are.

So don't forget me and don't ever let go,
And throughout the years our friendship will continue and grow.
And I'm sure things will be different and you'll have to rearrange,
But promise me one thing ... you'll never change.

And if time passes and I don't see you for awhile,
Remember to always thing of me and smile.
Think back on all the good times we've had before,
But don't get upset, there'll be plenty more.

So take a deep breath and begin your new day,
And know that I'm always only a heartbeat away.

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