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Main : Religions & Spirituality : Christianity : Easter's Day

Death Is Life
  by: Poppy, Poppy's Poetry Page

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Death is life, and life is death, how odd a mystery.
God, Himself, became a man for everyone to see.
Life is more than food and drink, or striving to obtain. life, that's all there is, existence is insane.

Why would God, allow a man, to just be born and die?
If in life, that's all there is, the question must be, 'why?'
Life would have no purpose, if we only live and die.
If all we have, is these few years, why should we even try?

But, God did come to common man, trying to explain.
The plan He had, for all of them, to come with Him to reign.
He said, "This life is nothing, it is just a place to start."
The earth is like a garden, where He's planted every heart.

He wanted us mature and pure, before we enter in,
The perfect world, He has for us, when we outgrow our sin.
He placed us here to learn to be obedient to Him.
Not out of fear, of who He is, but love we have within.

Then, He realized, we could not do it on our own.
He became a man Himself, to help us to atone.
He saw that we were weak and could not shed the awful sin.
So, He came down to break us free, so we could be with Him.

He said, "It's very simple, for the sin to go away,
It takes a death, to kill it off, and someone has to pay."
He said, "The price of sin is more than we can afford,
But," He said, "I'll pay the price, if you come to the Lord."

"I will take the sin upon Me and I'll die for you."
"Then, on Easter, I'll rise up, then all you have to do....
Is believe I died for you, and paid your debt that day."
"Just accept My gift to you, that's all there is to say."

"It's really very simple, not as men would have it be."
"Just believe I died for you, then come and follow Me."
"It's not that complicated, like religion's always been."
"Just believe I died for you, to take away the sin."

"Because, on Easter morning, I arose and it was done."
"Now, the minute you believe, your new life has begun."
"I will take your life that day and show you what it's for."
"Then you'll know the meaning, when in life you reach death's door."

"Life is death and death is life, because of what I've done."
"You need not fear, because of sin, why I've come."
"I gave you life to seek Me out, the moment you were born."
"And now Eternal Life is yours, because of Easter Morn."

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