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At this point, we've both seen it all and done it all. We are both battle-tested. In the past, Duke was better. We know we can beat them and we're just as good this year.

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When you have two post players like that, as a guard, you just have to love that. It just opens the game for us so much.
Shay Doron

I heard a long time ago that it's real bad luck for shooters when you stare at their shoes, so I stared at them long and hard.
Shay Doron

I love bursting people's expectations. This team does it day in and day out.
Shay Doron

For me, the coaches were the most important thing at that point. Just meeting them, clicking with them, their energy, their youth.
Shay Doron

The reality is our season prepared us so well that if we have to play Duke in the second game, we've done that three times this year. We've played North Carolina and Duke back-to-back that this would be the third time. We're just very prepared for this moment.
Shay Doron

I lost the feeling in my arm and I was trying to move it. I didn't want to leave the game. I mean, it's the biggest game of my life. I knew my team needed me on the court.
Shay Doron

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