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He was trying to gather up the scarlet threads of life and weave them into a pattern; to find his way through the sanguine labyrinth of passion through which he was wandering.

("The Picture of Dorian Gray")

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Look at the successful men in any of the learned professions. How perfectly hideous they are! Except, of course, in the Church. But then in the Church they don't think. A bishop keeps on saying at the age of eighty what he was told to say when he was a boy of eighteen, and as a natural consequence he always looks absolutely delightful.
Oscar Wilde

I don't want to earn my living I want to live.
Oscar Wilde

I don't at all like knowing what people say of me behind my back. It makes me far too conceited.
Oscar Wilde

I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir their dust into consciosness, to wake their ashes in pain.
Oscar Wilde

The sick do not ask if the hand that smoothes their pillow is pure, nor the dying care if the lips that touch their brow have known the kiss of sin.
Oscar Wilde

Mr. Henry James writes fiction as if it were a painful duty.
Oscar Wilde

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