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From the point of view of literature Mr. Kipling is a genius who drops his aspirates. From the point of view of life, he is a reporter who knows vulgarity better than any one has ever known it.

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How sad it is I shall grow old, and horrid, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June. . . . If it was only the other way If it was I who were to be always young, and the picture that were to grow old For this--for this--I would give everything Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give
Oscar Wilde

Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.
Oscar Wilde

Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.
Oscar Wilde

Vulgarity is the conduct of other people, just as falsehoods are the truths of other people.
Oscar Wilde

The final mystery is oneself.
Oscar Wilde

When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.
Oscar Wilde

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