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(About Laughter)

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.

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We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.
Jean Houston

Try to spend a few moments each day holding a picture of your body and your mind in a state of splendid health.
Jean Houston

I firmly believe that all human beings have access to extraordinary energies and powers. Judging from accounts of mystical experience, heightened creativity, or exceptional performance by athletes and artists, we harbor a greater life than we know.
Jean Houston

The ecological crisis is doing what no other crisis in history has ever done - challenging us to a realization of a new humanity.
Jean Houston

Our senses are indeed our doors and windows on this world, in a very real sense the key to the unlocking of meaning and the wellspring of creativity.
Jean Houston

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Immanuel Kant

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Suzy Bogguss

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