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A little learning is a dangerous thing, but we must take that risk because a little is as much as our biggest heads can hold.

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Changeable women are more enduring than monotonous ones. They are sometimes murdered but seldom deserted.
George Bernard Shaw

The philosopher is Nature's pilot. And there you have our difference to be in hell is to drift to be in heaven is to steer.
George Bernard Shaw

There is only one person an English girl hates more than she hates her elder sister and that is her mother.
George Bernard Shaw

Do you think that the things people make fools of themselves about are any less real and true than the things they behave sensibly about.
George Bernard Shaw

The ordinary man is an anarchist. He wants to do as he likes. He may want his neighbour to be governed, but he himself doesn't want to be governed. He is mortally afraid of government officials and policemen.
George Bernard Shaw

Has fear ever held a man back from anything he really wanted.
George Bernard Shaw

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