Temperance Poems (20 Poems)

    The Bas Bleu: Or, Conversation. Addressed To Mrs. Vesey (Hannah More Poems)

    VESEY, of Verse the judge and friend,Awhile my idle strain attend:Not with the days of early Greece,I mean to ope my slender piece;The rare Symposium to proclaimWhich crown’d th’ Athenians’ social name;Or how Aspasia’s parties shone,The first Bas-bleu at Athens … Continue reading

    Queen Mab: Part III. (Percy Bysshe Shelley Poems)

    ‘Fairy!’ the Spirit said,   And on the Queen of Spells   Fixed her ethereal eyes,   ‘I thank thee. Thou hast given A boon which I will not resign, and taught A lesson not to be unlearned. I know The past, and thence I will essay to glean A … Continue reading

    A Gallery To The Temple. Weakenes (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    (Oh Lord) how can I observe thy commands,  Since I have neither heart, nor hands,  I want both eares, and eyes:  The facultyes,  Of my decrepite soule, are so decayd,  That they can lend my will no ayde:  For those things, I would doe,  I can’t reach … Continue reading

    Intemperance (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    “Oh that my head were waters,” and mine eyes A tearful fountain, ever running over,A heart that bleeds, and struggles, moans, and sighs O’er thousands slain—whose blood earth may not cover. At corners of the streets, by night and day, They stalk, they … Continue reading

    Letters Of The Unliving (Mina Loy Poems)

    The present implies presencethusunauthorized by the presentthese letters are left authorless –have lost all originsince the inscribing handlost life. The harshness of the pastcroaks,from creased leavescovered with unwritten writingsince death’s erasureof the writer –erased the lover Well-chosen and so ill-relinquishedthe … Continue reading

    The Plague of Our Isle (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    It is said, it is sung, it is written, and read,It sounds in the ear, and it swims in the head,It booms in the air, it is borne o’er the sea—“There’s a good time coming,” but when shall it be? … Continue reading

    Temperance Warfare (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    “Sound To The Onset, The Onset, The Onset!” Arouse ye! arouse ye! the foe is at large,Again and again we must come to the charge.Oh! hotly pursue, and fearless attack—The blood of his victims is red on his track. Our … Continue reading

    The Mourning Mother (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    What woe is thine, pale mother?—sayWhat grief devours thy heart? For ayeThy looks averted shun the day,And midnight sees thee watch and pray With sighing, quivering breath.The hand of wedded love to clasp—To feel true friendship’s fervent graspIs thine. Why, then, … Continue reading

    The Midnight Vigil (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    Mournful, sighing, sadly weeping,Sleepless ‘midst a household sleeping;Midnight’s lonely vigil keeping, Darkling and alone;From my sore each friend and loverStand aloof, I may not coverThe burning wound that all discover— Comforters are none. Rachel for her children wailingWith a woe how unavailingAught … Continue reading

    To Members And Office-Beare (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    I speak to my brothers—to men who have givenA pledge unto man—a pledge unto heaven,That in deed and in truth they will temperance maintain:Oh! let not your purpose, your labour be vain. A place, a position, a prestige, a name,If … Continue reading

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