Self-respect Poems (18 Poems)

    Aechdeacon Barbour (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    THROUGH the long hall the shuttered windows shedA dubious light on every upturned head;On locks like those of Absalom the fair,On the bald apex ringed with scanty hair,On blank indifference and on curious stare;On the pale Showman reading from his … Continue reading

    The Pilgrim’s Fathers (John Boyle O Reilly Poems)

    ONE righteous word for Law-the common will;One living truth of Faith-God regnant still;One primal test of Freedom-all combined;One sacred Revolution-change of mind;One trust unfailing for the night and need-The tyrant-flower shall cast the freedom-seed. So held they firm, the Fathers … Continue reading

    Coquette And Her Lover (Paul Hamilton Hayne Poems)

    A “PETITE COMEDIE” IN RHYME. LOVER. COQUETTE! coquette! now, is it fairTo weave for me your magic hair,Binding me thus, all unaware?Till, wholly meshed in every part,From dazzled eyes to captured heart,Scarce can I, thro’ your radiant snare,Inhale one waft … Continue reading

    Manasseh (Henry Kendall Poems)

    Manasseh, lord of Judah, and the sonOf him who, favoured of Jehovah, sawAt midnight, when the skies were flushed with fire,The splendid mystery of the shining air,That flamed above the black Assyrian camps,And breathed upon the evil hosts at rest,And … Continue reading

    The Song Of The Bereaved (Nora Pembroke Poems)

    With garments for sorrow torn, With eyelids heavy and red,A woman sat by a new-made grave, Bewailing her slaughtered dead–Weep! weep! weep! Tears of remorseful pain;The sorrow that sorrows without a hope, Is poured forth above the slain. Drink! drink! drink! It slayeth on every … Continue reading

    To Dr. Moore, (Helen Maria Williams Poems)

    IN ANSWER TO A POETICAL EPISTLE WRITTEN TOME BY HIM IN WALES, SEPTEMBER 1791.  WHILE in long exile far from you I roam,To soothe my heart with images of home,For me, my friend, with rich poetic graceThe landscapes of my native … Continue reading

    “Ashamed But Not Afraid” (Joseph Horatio Chant Poems)

    O God, I am ashamed to die, But not the least afraid;Tho’ death’s dark shadow draweth nigh, Atonement has been made For every member of our race, And I on it rely,And hope immortal blooms thro’ grace; I’m not afraid to die. But Thou … Continue reading

    The True Philosophy (Paul Hamilton Hayne Poems)

    I’D have you use a wise philosophy,In this, as in all matters, whereuponJudgment may freely act; truth ever liesBetween extremes; avoid the spendthrift’s follyAs you’d avoid the road of utter ruin;For wealth, or at the least, fair competence,Is honor, comfort, … Continue reading

    The Patriot (John Reade Poems)

    God help the man who mortgages his lifeFor patriot dues! Henceforward he is safeNo more. His noblest virtues only chafeThe hydra that he serves to lust of strife.His self-respect, his every social tie,All that for which the world’s best heroes … Continue reading

    The Song Of Rebellion (Benjamin Musser Poems)

    I am the Song of Rebellion.Murmuring in breasts of Grecian galley slaves,Sobbing in parched throats of pyramid hewers and builders,Rankling in dark hearts of the Chosen in segregated Ghettos,I was their song unsung, their hymn unlearned.Silent, to me they turned. … Continue reading

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