Redemption & Salvation Poems (540 Poems)

    Paradise Lost : Book XII. (John Milton Poems)

    As one who in his journey bates at noon,Though bent on speed; so here the Arch-Angel pausedBetwixt the world destroyed and world restored,If Adam aught perhaps might interpose;Then, with transition sweet, new speech resumes.Thus thou hast seen one world begin, … Continue reading

    Festus – XLV (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    ‘Twas held of old by some heresiarch sage,Whose nobler name time bruits not overmuch,That evil and good, twin powers, as light and dark,Were destined to contest with varying mean,The world while e’er it lasts; but in the sumOf things, the … Continue reading

    The Believer’s Espousals : Chapter VI. (Ralph Erskine Poems)

    An Exhortation to all that are out of Christ; in order to their closing the match with him: containing also motives and directions. Reader, into thine hands these lines are giv’n,But not without the providence of Heav’n;Or to advance thy … Continue reading

    The Believer’s Principles : Chap. II. (Ralph Erskine Poems)

    The Believer’s Principles concerning the Law and Gospel;Particularly, 1. The Mystery2. The Difference.3. The Harmony4. The Place and Station,Of Law and Gospel. Sect. I.The Mystery of Law and Gospel. Though law-commands and gospel-graceAgree in mutual joint embrace;Yet law and gospel … Continue reading

    Festus – II (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    From heaven, soul–like, to earth. It is sundown. MarkThe heart’s state, empty and collapsed, the world’sVain pleasures leave us in, dissatisfied,Distraught, not penitent of them, in ourselves;Youth’s natural fitful unavailing struggleNote, ‘gainst temptation come unlooked for; power,Love, wisdom; who shall … Continue reading

    M’Fingal – Canto I (John Trumbull Poems)

    When Yankies, skill’d in martial rule,First put the British troops to school;Instructed them in warlike trade,And new manoeuvres of parade,The true war-dance of Yankee reels,And manual exercise of heels;Made them give up, like saints complete,The arm of flesh, and trust … Continue reading

    Festus – XXXIII (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    As in our sky sometimes a vaporous massLow down, shows thunder threatening; while by windsOf happier, if adverse wing fanned, high up,Unutterably extolled, a cloud–stream clear,Tinged as with ghostliest silver, spreads, opposed,Its shadowy waveletage, bespeaking peaceProspective, genial change; so here; … Continue reading

    Festus – XIV (Philip James Bailey Poems)

    Even while a starMight twinkle twice, or calm, retiring sea,Irresolute yet to leave, his moonlit kissShimmering repeat upon the impassive shore,The arch–fiend and youth, bound skyward, soaring holdDarkly, commune, like twilight and midnight,Of being and things to be, ‘mid interspaceOf … Continue reading

    The Tragedy of White Injustice (Marcus Mosiah Garvey Poems)

    (1)Lying and stealing is the white man’s game;For rights of God nor man he has no shame(A practice of his throughout the whole world)At all, great thunderbolts he has hurled;He has stolen everywhere-land and sea;A buccaneer and pirate he must … Continue reading

    Moses In The Bulrushes. A Sacred Drama (Hannah More Poems)

    “Let me assert eternal Providence,And justify the ways of God to Man.” ~ Paradise Lost. Persons Of The Drama. Hebrew Woman.Jochebed, Mother of Moses.Miriam, his Sister. Egyptians.The Princess, King Pharaoh’s DaughterMelita; and other Attendants. SCENE– On the Banks of the … Continue reading

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